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Justin Trudeau earns $345,400 per year

Not including the perks, the Prime Minister of Canada earns a massive $345,400, it used to be less until he approved himself a raise last April. Justin Trudeau receives millions in perks as Prime Minister, he can fly wherever he wants and eat wherever he wants, his personal wage is… … Keep Reading


Rachel Notley’s NDP makes $1.4-billion Climate Change decision

The Alberta NDP government announced a $1.4-billion plan towards climate change over seven years. The plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovation and technology. Where will the money be spent? Via Calgary Herald: The biggest chunk of the funding, which will be doled out over seven years, sees… … Keep Reading


Trudeau To Offer Formal Apology To Gay Canadians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Sunday that Canada will offer a formal apology to gay Canadians who were fired from government jobs or criminally charged for their homosexuality. The Globe and Mail speculates that the apology may be the first such announcement by any national government in the world, if… … Keep Reading


Trudeau blames Harper for 60 ISIS Fighters in Canada

When Justin Trudeau was swarmed the other day on Toronto a woman shouted at him and asked him about the 60 returned jihadists roaming about in Canada. Trudeau apparently winked and said “they came under Harper” From Toronto Sun: In a video posted to social media, the woman shouts her… … Keep Reading

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