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Trump’s executive order on health care is a victory for Americans

AP_17285575821665 (1) As insurers flee Obamacare markets around the country, and costs and premiums skyrocket, President Donald Trump on Thursday took executive action to allow individuals to form associations and purchase health insurance across state lines. Obamacare was implemented largely through executive fiat and a mountain of punishing regulations totaling… … Keep Reading

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GRAPHIC: Eminem talks about Beating And Raping Women

Just days ago rapper Eminem released a “rap song” trashing President Trump and telling his fans if they support they should “f**k off” The video went viral. Eminem has some violent recordings, here’s 19 of some of the most violent actions he talked about in his rap songs put together… … Keep Reading


Hungary Builds a Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration by Over 99 Per Cent

Hungary has slashed illegal immigration by over 99 per cent after rolling out a series of powerful border fences in response to the European migrant crisis, possibly providing a lesson as to the potential impact of constructing President Trump’s much-discussed southern wall in the U.S. Speaking on the second anniversary… … Keep Reading

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Little first-grade girl sent to principals office for calling her transgender classmate HIM instead of HER…and her parents are absolutely going ballistic

An elite charter school in California has been rocked by scandal since the end of the last school year, when a kindergarten teacher read her class a pair of books advocating transgender ideology, and a male kindergartener was reintroduced to the class as a girl. Now first-graders at Rocklin Academy… … Keep Reading

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