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Muslim Salman Abedi Was The Manchester Suicide Bomber 

A British-born 22-year-old Muslim man has been named as the suicide bomber that killed 22 people and injured many others.  Salman Abedi was ‘chanting Islamic prayers loudly in the street’ outside his home in the south of the city said Neighbors.  ISIS this morning claimed responsibility and threatened further attacks,… … Keep Reading


Muslims Celebrate Ariana Grande Concert Blast That Kills 19

19 confirmed deaths and Muslims celebrated on Twitter.  It’s believe the Twitter account is connected to ISIS but not confirmed.  Police released this statement: “A huge bomb-like bang went off that hugely panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena,” concertgoer Majid Khan, 22, told Britain’s Press… … Keep Reading


Share This Post If The Oilfield Has Fed Your Family 

The Liberals and NDP have been successful at killing oilfield jobs, poverty is rising in Canada thanks to their insane policies and spending.  Nearly everyone in Canada has benefited from the oilfield, have you? Share this post to send the government a strong message.  … Keep Reading

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