Bernie Sanders supporters will be voting for Hillary Clinton

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There can only be one President for the Democratic Party, it’s a race for support between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, who will win? 

Donald Trump is gaining support for the Republican Party and polls  suggest he’s currently in second place at 46.5% while Clinton is gaining on him at 52.8%, Sanders is 3rd behind Trump at 41.4% in a tight race for the Democratic Party leader. 

Bernie supporters are slowly coming around to support Hillary

More polls suggest that 78% of Sanders supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton, 10% will vote for Donald Trump and the rest are not sure, or didn’t know who they will vote for. 

What do you think? Debate this share who you support. 

If you don’t supports these polls please comment and share, most of these polls are targeted and biased, lopsided to corrupt the minds of Americans. 

In fact, why would anyone support Hillary Clinton? You would have to have the IQ of a small rock, even the rock would be smarter than Clinton. 

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  1. The only real poll thatthat was done has shown that 80-90 percent if Bernie supporters would never ever support Hillary

  2. I have voted in many different polls regarding this same question, It has always been at least 97% will not EVER vote for Clinton. Obviously the polls taken by the main stream news are biased, I have never received a call from one of them. Bernie or Bust citizens would never vote for someone that goes against everything that Bernie is about. There are others running that are much closer to his values, but unless Bernie is chosen for the Democratic nominee, then the Democrats can kiss this election good bye. If Bernie runs with another party like the Green party then we will vote Green. BernieorBust, I think you don’t quite understand that concept!

  3. Never going to vote for Hiliary. Only Bernie and if he completely concedes from the race, Jill Stein with the Green party.

  4. Never voting for the NWO queen Hillary! I’m voting for Bernie Sanders. If it ends up a pick your poison general election, I’ll be going with Trump.

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