His Legacy Will Remain, 5 Reasons Why Harper Was Canada’s Best PM

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It’s the end of an era for Canadian politics.

One of Canada’s most influential politicians, and the former Prime Minister, resigned from his parliament seat a few days ago. This is the end; it appears, not just for his status as MP but also of his political career.

The outpour of love and support for his efforts to serve Canada was a mark of his success. Even the Liberals could not hold back their admiration. Harper’s successor and the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “He conducted himself with grace and with full respect for not just the office but the country we serve and love so well.”

Although he may be gone from politics, the legacy of his success will remain for a long time. Here are the top 5 achievements of Harper’s government.

1. Balanced the budget in a hostile economy

The contrast between Harper’s government and the present governments, on economy, cannot be more pronounced. As Alberta and Ontario struggle to reduce the debt despite rising oil prices, they need to take a page out of Harper’s book who managed to balance the budget even after one of the worst economic crises in recent history.

2. Reduced taxes, cut MP salaries and even his own pension

Businesses thrived under Harper’s government as he reduced corporate taxes and cut down the GST to five percent from seven. And when he needed money to run the government, he took millions out of his own pension.

3. Apologized for previous mistakes

Although the Liberals like to claim they are the ultimate defenders of minorities, it was Harper who formally apologized to Chinese immigrants for the head tax and the First Nations community for previous wrongdoings.

4. Increased the age of consent

In 2008, Harper successfully managed to raise the age of consent from 14 to 16. This was a major leap in preventing sexual exploitations of minors and the first time the government changed the age of consent since 1892.

5. Won at foreign policy

One of the most enduring legacies of Harper’s government is his successful approach towards Canada’s foreign policy. He never wavered in his support for Israel while standing up to Vladimir Putin on his aggression towards Ukraine.

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  1. Right now, the liberals are trying to copy PMSH in many issues but can’t in others like ‘love for Canada against terrorism and deport those who try to harm Canada, whereas with Justin Trudeau and his gov show no interest in protecting Canada from terrorists. He wants to keep terrorists here even though they have ‘dual nationality’

    Oh and another thing, according to the chef at 24 Sussex Dr, he said that PMSH bought his own food and lived like the rest of us no fancy foods of any kind.
    PMSH went to a public hospital instead of a private doctor.
    PMSH children had to do chores rather than have the maids do it for them.
    I felt much safer under PMSH than I do right now under this liberal gov.
    The lists goes on………

  2. And the amazing thing is that PMSH won THREE elections without a single reporter or national media TV to his name. He and his party worked hard.
    The national media spent their time ignoring him; insulting and mocking him and not only that refused to highlight the work he was doing for the public. The media were vicious vile and nasty. Yet miraculously PMSH managed to stay on. In fact, world leaders awarded him numerous of time.
    Here we have Justin Trudeau, with every media at his feet day and night doing their very best to cover-up, lie for him, ignore the damage he’s doing to Canada.

    • He didn’t win 3. He won one. The others were not a majority. After he won the last one, he dicided he could bring out his one man show and become the paranoid, I can do what I want minnie me. The good folks of this country, and yes, many of those were cons, refused to let that closed mindedness to move on and further his move to wanting to be a supreme ruler.
      Hopefully the conservative party can find someone to lead them out of the ridiculous right and back to what’s good for the whole country.

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