It’s Time To Bid Farewell To Trudeau’s Sunny Ways

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It’s time the care bear economics of PM Justin Trudeau stopped.

Remember during the federal election when he had said he wanted to grow the economy outwards from the heart and that the budget was going to balance on its own?

Well, that was back then, and things aren’t the same anymore.

Over this weekend, Bill Morneau, the Federal Minister for Finance brought a chill to Trudeau’s sunny ways.

He spoke with the Ontario wing of the Liberal party and said Canadians needed to get used to job churns. This means they needed to get used to short-term contracts and temporary employment. He also said that jobs of receptionists and truck drivers were on the way out.

This came just days after the Bank of Canada’s economic forecast for the economy was downgraded and they predicted a slower growth than was previously expected till the end of next year.

He said that they weren’t going to blame the Liberals for the things which they couldn’t control like the fall in oil prices around the world. He also said that Canadian workers didn’t need anyone to tell them that full-time employment was uncertain right now.

The scary thing here though is that the Liberals believe we can get out of this by spending.

Trudeau has previously spoken about his pre-election promises regarding annual deficits of less than $10 billion with a low surplus in 2019-20. The reality post-election though was $30 billion with no end in sight.

Before the election, Trudeau said the middle-class tax was going to be revenue neutral and paid for with taxes on the wealthy. This was a myth too. Post-election, Trudeau needed to borrow money in order to deliver.

The problem here is that if spending helped, the streets of Ontario would have been paved in gold. Borrowing additional money only means public service cuts and higher taxes. Also, the budget certainly isn’t going to balance itself.

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. I could think of dozens of questions on his brilliant promises at election time.
    But why should he have any concern about anything as long as he can charm the electorate with his looks and “sunny ways !”
    Canada’s economy is at a low, unemployment is high, our currency is falling, growth of our economy is lower than forecast, his immigration policy is failing and so on and so forth.
    When will the people who voted JT in come to their senses and vote him out ???
    Most likely when it is too late and our National debt will have doubled.

  2. And this is a surprise? How? I have a heart — my heart works — my heart has stopped — my heart required professional repair — my heart works — I could have asked for a truck driver to repair my heart — I would be dead. None of this is complicated, however high over the intellectual capabilities of our ‘Prime Minster’ it may be — it takes an educated, intelligent, trained and capable person to correct each specific problem we all confront throughout life. It is more than obvious that our ‘Prime Minster’ has no qualifications relative to his office.

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