Top Liberals In Ontario Bribery Case Face Election Act Charges

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The head of the re-election campaign of Kathleen Wynne’s is facing Elections Act charges for bribery in the byelection of 2015 in Sudbury.

Patricia Sorbara, the deputy chief of staff for Wynne until recently, and the funeral director of Sudbury Gerry Lougheed is going to be charged by the Provincial Police of Ontario.

Police swore all of the information they had in front of a justice of the peace recently and announced the charges formally shortly after.

This move, which comes during the byelection campaign for Nov 17th follows at least a couple of years of investigation.

The criminal charges for bribery had been stayed against him last April when detectives continued probing into his less serious offenses under the act.

Sorbara, who had moved from Wynne’s office and became the director and CEO for the 2018 campaign were never charged criminally.


According to provincial law, nobody shall indirectly or directly give, promise or procure office or employment for inducing people to become candidates. They will also refrain from becoming candidates or withdraw their candidacy immediately.

Police weren’t talking much about this saying that investigations were ongoing.

The OPP’s move blindsided the government and Lougheed or Sorbara weren’t available for comment.

Even Wynne said that he didn’t know about any developments in this case.

These charges come from the campaign where Andrew Olivier, the paraplegic mortgage broker, said that both Sorbara and Lougheed had offered him a job, so he drops out of the race and clears the way for the preferred candidate of Wynne. This was Thibeault, a new Democratic MP who had left politics and moved to the Liberals. He’s been a part of Wynne’s cabinet since June.

Olivier was the candidate for the Liberals in 2014 replacing Rick Bartolucci, the retired cabinet minister. He placed second to Joe Cimino the New Democrat who had quite 5 months later because of family issues which gave the Liberals an opportunity to win back the riding.