Trudeau keeps his promise if Trump wins, packs his bags and moves to Iceland

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As Justin Trudeau promised, if Donald Trump becomes the 45th President he will pack his bags and move to Iceland! 

Trudeau makes good on his promise and has already started packing his bags. 

Of course this is satire but the relationship between Canada and USA has just changed and a strange relationship is about to happen between the two countries. 

Trudeau did endorse Hillary Clinton at the beginning of the campaign and believes Trump is a rightist radical, but he has been brainwashed by his supporters known as the CBC who were in panick mode yesterday when Trump took victory. 

Only time will tell what will come of this. More to come…

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. I wonder how long it will take Trump to put another softwood lumber tariff in place followed by an import duty on Canadian oil.

    Canada will then be doubly screwed since our environmental lobby (financed by US interests) have prevented export pipelines from being constructed.

  2. Then you should follow your goal and stop allowing people to invade our country, try to change our laws, our traditions, spend our money, when we could be taking care of our country instead. Hillary is not a good lead to follow. There’s a jail cell for her. Follow Donald Trumps lead. Please. Give us hope and make our country great again as well. Thank you for this opportunity to say this, I hope to you Justin Trudeau

    • I agreed with everything you said until you said to follow trump!!! Are you kidding? Cuz Trudeau doesn’t suck bad enough as it is? Let’s make him a racist, sexist pig as well?

  3. Peter Mansbridge had no clue whatsoever, why the results were coming in the way they were. Newsflash, Peter: YOU are the very reason why America voted Trump – the ordinary Joe and Jane are sick of the liberal elites! Maybe Trump will do nothing for them, but, he is a vehicle by which to send that message and, sent it has been!

  4. Your right Gary most real Canadians don’t want them here but are to scared to speak there mind, which is called freedom of speech and it’s not dead it’s our constitution that these fucks are trying to take away from us and give these migrants, refugees more rights than our own Canadian that built this beautiful country to make it what it once was,people like our pm,premier,immigration minister,and our curupt finance min r all on the take and selling out our country to Benefit there ravished lives , wile the working class watch our country get taken away by 3D world magetts, we Canadians need to do what the USA has done and vote fore a none bias , none selfish politician, where we find one I don’t know but we must clean our own swamp if we want our country back or at least have a country to say it’s ours and not there’s those fucks ruin everything they touch, and try to take control and over populate, no more refugees we can’t support our own homeless

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