Liberals To Partner With Soros To Bring More Refugees To Canada 

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The Liberal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have brought in 30,000 Syrian refugees over the last year, and now there’s talk to bring in many more. 

American billionaire George Soros will be joining Canada as a partner to bring in loads of refugees as told by Immigration Minister John McCallum. 

CIJ news published what McCallum said:

“We are also offering assistance on our privately sponsored refugees… Well, let me first talk about privately sponsored in the international context.

“We are having a joint initiative and tomorrow [September 20, 2016] we will announce it between Canada, George Soros and the UNHCR, which is an initiative to sell our privately sponsored refugee program to other countries. I know of at least thirteen countries who have a potential interest.

“So I think this would do a service to the world, because I think it is far superior if you can bring in refugees sponsored by your own citizens than if those same refugees arrive irregularly or illegally.

“I know a number of countries have expressed an interest, and so I am pleased about this announcement with those two partners to bring, to do more good in the world.

“In terms of our own local situation, we’ve brought in three or four times more resettled refugees in 2016 and in 2015. Why could we not bring in more? Because we’re at capacity.

“So if you bring in 10,000 more Syrian refugees you have to bring in 10,000 less of what? African refugees? Spouses? We are at our limit. We couldn’t do more. I regret that but that’s the facts.

“There is one country that I’ve had discussions with, and is in the process of implementing or has a model similar to our privately sponsored refugee, and that is England, the United Kingdom.

“There are other countries which I’ve spoken to, I know they are interested, and there is still another group of countries I haven’t spoken to, but I’m told they’re interested.

“So this initiative involving George Soros, the UNCHR, Canada. We’ll reach out to those with a potential interest. We’ll teach them how we do this. We’ll help them to implement such programs if they’re interested, and I think it has the potential to do a lot of good, because as I said, it’s far far better if you can bring in refugees sponsored by individual group of Canadians than if they just arrive at the borders all along illegally.

“So the more countries can adopt a system like ours, I think it will be way better for those countries and more importantly way better for the refugees…

“We have the experience [dealing with massive migration of refugees]. We know how it’s done. We know the pitfalls. We know what to do we know what not to do, and so I think we can offer practical advice to those countries who are interested in going in this route, and I do believe, based on our own experience, that it will be a successful thing to do, and I’m grateful to the UN and to George Soros for co-sponsoring this initiative with us…

“The fact that he is a billionaire gives you a clue as to what he might do which is to contribute funding, and I know that George Soros has really interested in the whole refugee crisis, and so it is normal for him to partner with us on this initiative and since, as you just said, he’s a billionaire, I think the he will also provide some of the money.”

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  1. What an idiot more refugees .try helping your own people first instead of giving new immigrants more money than our war vets get per month and do job creation.oh ya stop spending money foolishly by the millions.get it together you suck

  2. To prime minister Trudeau I say, stop being a little boy enjoying the public attention your getting and the ego messaging George Sorros is providing. Your ideas of flooding Canada with these ‘poor’ refugees, most of who would gladly destroy Canada, will guaranty you are a one term leader. Smarten up.

  3. While the world moves away from globalism (Brexit, etc) Canada embraces the biggest and most dangerous billionaire in the world to show us the way forward. This guy has admitted to starting the refugee crisis on purpose to break down international borders and promote the New World Order. Fuckin’ Potato head and his drunken immigration minister. Hey it’s sunny ways 2016, time to give away our country and values.

  4. Soros should not be allowed to interfere in any Nation’s politics, nor should he be allowed to fund third parties so they can fund and campaign for the Liberal party. Trudeau seems to be open to flooding Canada with a group of people who hold completely different cultural and political beliefs which do not generally combine well with Canadian values. Importing thousands of misogynists, people who hold women as lesser beings not worth half of a man (among other beliefs) is not good for Canada or women. As the demographics change, so will the demands for accommodation become louder. We allready allow Muslim prayers in public schools were females are segregated, where will it end?

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