Watch as Trudeau cries over Syrian refugees, but laughs at homeless Albertans

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Before we continue, we want to point out that we are FOR helping refugees, just not the way Trudeau is and is portraying it, Justin Trudeau and the liberals brought in more than 30,000 refugees over the last year, most of them have already been here for one year, meaning their government funded sponsorship is set to expire.

Trudeau met with one of these refugees and wiped away tears when talking to the man, watch below.

Justin Trudeau may be all teary eyed when it comes to helping people, that’s not the case for Albertans, and those who have family and make a living working in Alberta.

There have been three separate occasions where Trudeau made fun and laughed at Albertans over the policies and tragedies that happened to the Alberta people that put them out of homes, broke, and homeless.

One example affected myself deeply, the laughing star wars comment Trudeau made at his first time addressing Canadians on Fort McMurray after the city of 88,000 souls had to be evacuated from fires, watch below.

Then there’s this, watch below.

Trudeau also gave a smirk when asked why Edmonton was left out of the extra five weeks of EI benefits and said Albertans should be happy they we rent hit harder, what a lame thing to say.

It’s unknown how many many people have become homeless due to Trudeau’s policies, I live in the heart of oil country and I know many, and those laughs and ignorance from the PM was insult to injury.

There has never been a teary Trudeau for Canadians, especially if you live in Alberta.

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. Actions speak louder than words. Trudeau does not give two hoots for the people’s of Alberta or for that matter Canadians as a whole. Giving away billions of the taxpayers dollars knowing full well that so many people’s in this country are suffering. Fired you should surely be for being so incompetent .

    • hahahaha Lorraine you think trudeau is the most insane maniac the world has ever seen?? If anyone shouldn’t be in politics its Trump…I’d like to hear what you think of him

      • Trump is USA’s savior!!!! Obama was turning us into a debt ridden Muslim country with sanctuary cities for the criminals to avoid prosecution. You must believe all the liberal propaganda!!!! Trudeau is one of them! What idiots would put this schmuck into office? Hmmm

      • Jean, I’m an American and voted for President Trump, at least we are getting rid of the worst muslims. I voted for him to get rid of all immigrants and illegals. I’m tired of supporting them and having them destroy and kill our citizens. If you like them so much, why don’t you have them living in your home. I will never accept their Allah or Sharia Law.

    • Wow. You must mean a different Hitler than the guy who murdered 6 million Jews and directly contributed to the deaths of millions of others. Or perhaps you’re simply over-challenged by the task of reading even one single line of historical media. Either way, you are clearly a danger to those around you, and I advise you to seek appropriate care as soon as possible to mitigate any risk you pose to enlightened society.

  2. It would seem he is a kind gentle man who only wants the best for all and good you goofs who try to belittle everything he’s trying to accomplish grow up and learn to be good losers or in the end we’ll all lose try to work to make our country strong with loyal citizens in stead of being the festering cancer bent on failure and ruined

    • Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in no way making fun of Albertan’s he is very concerned with them and is trying very hard to make things better job wise, for the homeless and everyone and was very disturbed about the fires etc, he has a very big heart and cares for all Canadians. He is a very intelligent man. I am very proud he is my Prime Minister as are a lot of we Canadians!

      • If he was trying so hard to help Fort McMurray residents, why oh why didn’t he ask Obama to send in fire fighters to help? Or fighters from other provinces who could afford to send support? I’m not completely against him, but he was absolutely passive about this. I also don’t think that he fully realizes how the carbon tax is going to affect the working poor.In fact, I don’t think he really has a clue. I don’t think that he would do well being paid some pissy wage like $20/hr supporting his wife and kids, stretching an already thin budget to include the carbon tax. It repulses me when people that have money say stupid things without understanding how most people live on very little in this country given the price of housing and the economy in general. Putting the carbon tax in place will push some people over the limit-maybe not right away, but at some point it will become too much. When people get pushed into a corner, they lose control if it’s chronic stress. There’s time to undo these poor decisions and find a better way to adjust to the changes that he wants to make without forcing some people into losing their homes or worse. Some of these provinces are already doing poorly, even if they might be on the rise. Where did all of our tax dollars go? Constituents in a country aren’t little piggy banks where you can draw out as much money as you choose whenever you want and thereby forcing them into debt. He’s being completely unrealistic. Furthermore, if people are struggling to make ends meet, the influx of refugees and illegal people will only serve to create more animosity in situations where there shouldn’t be any to begin with. Metaphorically speaking, it’s hard to invite strangers into your home when you can’t promise that you can keep a roof over your own head. I think being in leadership includes making decisions that a leader wouldn’t necessarily agree with.

    • PM Trudeau is destroying Canada, ignoring the Canadian public.
      He’s the loser, anyone who voted for him obviously needs a proper education.

  3. What is wrong with this boy ? Or us ? Canadians should be yelling from the roof tops about this kid and his poor judgment lack of realism baby ways and injustices to his own people . He praises Tyrants and condones stoning women .This is fine with him. He has his values completely backwards . Why hasn’t his cabinet checked him there must be one person there that has a level head? Its all about him .Why am i the only one to say anything Canadians wake up before it is to late

  4. Trudeau is an idiot. If the media would stop lying to Canadians, that would be helpful, but you won’t. We know how it goes. He pays, media kisses his butt. What good has he done for ANY Canadian? Nothing. Nobody is happy with him, other than the party which thot they would NEVER get in again. But, here we are, Liberals screwing the country over again. Funny, wasn’t it media that said it was Harper that was doing that? Maybe media could tell the truth for a change. I thot that’s what reporting was all about. My mistake. Carry on helping him destroy Canada.

  5. Trudeau is a complete disgrace to Canada and her people and is definitley not qualified to run this country, he is more concerned about the welfare of people from another country than he is of the Canadian people

  6. We the Canadian people were never ask if we wanted Muslim who have one thing on their minds and that is to kill any one who is not Muslim.Just look over seas and see what is happening Sweden. France. and all over yet are liberals want to put Canadians at risk.They should be bring over the Christians buy they don’t .we need a recall here in Canada.

    • We have plenty of muslims here. I know some of them. If all of them were hellbent on murdering non-muslims, I wouldn’t be posting this.

  7. The sooner he leaves POLITICS the better ,he is in way above his head,He is going to bring so many problems to Canada and expense with his cavalier attitude.

  8. like i said over and over this POS is a cancer on all of canada, which can not be cured , we have to get rid of him or canada is doomed , people are at whits end with this arrogant government, the liberal party has to be outvoted and be replaced with a democratic government , i pretty near feel ashamed to be from ontario , but then i should not be since rural ontario is conservative , but the big city of toronto and its outlying industrial area is liberal , but that will sone change due to our outrageous hydro cost , canadians are setting up shop in the u.s.a. ,the hydro cost is driving them out of ontario !!!!

    • Well, I certainly hope that rising hydro costs, or an aversion to facts, or really anything at all soon completes the job of driving you out of Ontario into the USA. Canada will be much better off when people such as yourself are only read about in history books.

  9. After a dismissive comment such as it was from Trudeau such as it was; I believe his leadership position should be challenged and all those whom ecoed his sentiment toward another parliment member “Kenney” should be reprimanded also. This is not leadership.!!!

  10. What an arrogant piece of garbage. How dare he dismiss the people of this country like they don’t matter. This is a disgusting display of any public official especially a Prime Minister. And may I just say that listening to him try to form a sentence is irritating beyond belief. “Um, um, um…” It’s like his traitorous brain can’t think of a lie fast enough. He is a sorry excuse for a leader and also a sorry excuse for a human being. How can you make light of such a dire situation that many albertans are going through? He is heartless beyond belief.

  11. Trudeau is destroying Canada and
    He needs to go. Time to have a Canada wide demonstration calling for his resignation as PM. This needs to be organized ASAP

  12. Trudeau has been lying to Canadians all along. He loves Communism and ISIS and he is a Muslim, he has admitted it, and he will do everything he can to advance the Muslim ideals including raping and killing Canadians,all while doing his best to destroy Canada and all of it’s non-Muslims. He is trying to do more than Hitler to destroy Canada, and Bill M-103 is just the start.

    • Oh thanks! Finally! Someone of intelligence to reveal Trudeau’s nefarious schemes. What a relief to read these gems of truth from one so clearly versed in history. Thank the merciful God in heaven above for your wisdom!

  13. What a great dramatic art teacher , that what we have for PM in Canada , not someone special who study economic or politic , not someone who study in internationnal business , but someone really normal who study dramatic art … this is the result of is bachelor degree , a fair good comedian who used in politics what they teach about dramatic art !!!! The only thing he got special , its is family name and good looking … but what did the father did for Canada , one of his greatest achivement , is the transfers of the Canada dets to the world banks for never ending paying intetest , before Trudeau father , Canada was boring money from the Bank of Canada without interest !!!! TRUDEAU FATHER SELL HIS SOUL TO THE BANKERS … TRUDEAU SON SELL HIS SOULS AND TEARS TO IMMIGRANT !!!

    And peoples laughs at Trumps , at least Trumps understand of America First and Economics … Us we got a cute one that understands selfies and the art of the Drama !!!

    Who the real clown here ????

    • You are right! Americans started a revolution to save our country against liberals!!! Canada needs to do the same and save their country before it is totally in debt to foreign banks and sharia run!!! Obama tripled our national debt from 8 trillion to 20 trillion!!! More than all previous presidents combined. And media lies to promote these liberal leaders! Obama is still running a shadow govt and paying protestors to protest and cause upheaval….they are for themselves and not the country. Under Trump’s cabinet we find NINE trillion dollars are missing from our reserve! Hmm, Obamas been investigating its whereabouts for 8 months and still not found…. who wants to bet it was sent to ISIS or IRAN?

  14. Unfortunately for Canadians we have accepted the new style of politician ,Who knows what is good for all of us without speaking to us . We will see shortly how the change south of the border will effect how expedient Canadians will expect things to be done . This Country is horrifically bogged with Bureaucracy mainly guided by Huge business and Political interests legal and illegal . Canada needs to sweep clean a little itself , we will never see any change until we realize this hopefully sooner than later . Mr Trudeau makes big breaths about his leadership , I wish politicians would stop calling themselves Leaders they stopped exhibiting that ability Years ago

    Hang On Canada , it will be a little rocky yet . I do however believe the right change will happen

  15. as long as the western provinces remain a part of Canada we can expect this kind of garbage. I think it’s high time we cut loose and become a seperate entity. I’m so fed up with the disrespect and unequality of an eastern government and worry about my grand childrens future in such a lopsided democracy.

  16. I wonder why when Harper opened an office called ” Office of Religious Freedoms “, placed a Christian, a Jew and Bahia in the office, this very office the trudeau closed down in 2016, could it not have stayed open and added a muslim to that office so all religious concerns would be dealt with??

    This clown makes little to no sense, common to otherwise. He is merely a very spoiled brat child and seriously needs to be expunged from office and hopefully, the trudeau name will never grace this country again.

  17. It isn’t just insults like this we need to be concerned about. During the campaigned ( at the very end when pressured for numbers) Trudeau campaigned on an $10 billion dollar deficit budget. Most were outraged, but still willing to give it a try.
    Since elected, Trudeau has GIVEN AWAY, to other nations, for free ( nothing in return at all, not even a possibility of better trade etc.)over $9 billion of OUR dollars. He has given away, with nothing in return, almost our entire budget he campaigned on. To put a different perspective on this, during Trudeau’s 4 years in power, his economic policies will, by the year 2050, have Canada $104 Trillion in debt. In contrast, the USA, with over 10X our population to lessen the individual burden, will have a $103 Trillion dollar deficit.

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