Trudeau calls on Muslims to govern Canada as conservatives after the next election

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With the 2019 federal election still a long time away, PM Justin Trudeau calls on Muslims to run for the Conservative party leadership. 

Trudeau still doesn’t want to lose the 2019 election, but instead of running against the current conservative leaders Trudeau calls on conservative Muslims to run and compete against him, literally begging them. 

From CIJ News

When asked by Galloway“When someone like a candidate for the Conservative leadership says: we need to be screening for anti Canadian values. What is your reaction to that?”, Trudeau said the following (December 5, 2016):

“A few weeks ago, I was meeting a group of Muslim Canadians, and they were very happy to see me, very supportive of me, that particular group, and I said: ok, I’m glad you are all supportive of me, but I have a request. You all have friends, family members who disagree with me on this or that or other things, may be little more conservative economically or a little more environmentally, you know, out there than I am. The other two political parties have leadership races right now.

And here’s why…

“I’d like to see more Canadians of diverse backgrounds engaging with parties which line up with their convictions and ideologies to make sure that no party gets to run against Muslim Canadians or any other group of Canadians and demonize them. I think the way we do that is by getting involved in the whole breadth of the political spectrum in Canada. I’d like people to decide they’re more aligned with me and my party but they should also think about being active and aligned with parties that disagree with me on certain issues.”

This is the first time liberals beg Muslims to support a certain party in Canada, here’s a Muslim woman who asks refugee children to run for Ontario PC party,  WATCH below. 

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  1. Great…allow and encourage them to infiltrate even more so more culture can be ruined. Former immigrants did not insist that their culture be foremost….but these people DO…that’s why 80%+ Canadians are extremely upset! !

  2. Canadians need to band together and start taking action against their elected officials. They need to do their homework on Muslims, their religion, etc. and where their country is headed. Liberals do not care about the working people. Trudeau does not care about what is best for Candians.

  3. I can see myself giving up on my homeland where I was born and moving into the USA. Donald Trump is a MAN – Justin Trudeau is s a Dictator, just like his biological father and I don’t mean “Pierre”. I always did like Kansas City..

  4. Some days, I think that myself. The US had their destructive Obama!! We have the destructive True D’oh bama!! Doughy. We don’t need a failed drama teacher…..we need a real leader who will bring jobs back here, trash the TPT A. Stop spree spending! Uphold Canada as a Christian country (70% majority, used to be 95%) respect our values. Stop catering to the less than 1%, the gender euphoric, stop changing the English language for them. Start protecting Christian values even if you, Justin Trudeau, have abandoned them.

  5. By 2019 the world is going to be a very different place and selfie taking pretty boy is not going to cut it we will need a leader closer to our neighbours to the south someone who actually has a pair!

  6. Trudeau is breaking the charter of rights and freedoms, by allowing a foreign entity to actively take over the Government, he most likely will be arrested by the military in 2017

  7. How interesting that this woman is encouraging Muslims to run in general elections, and how come you don’t have to be a CANADIAN? They always seem to find the loop holes – as soon as this guy is in he will start changing Mississauga so that Muslims can do whatever they want even if we don’t like it! Wonderful! That’s what we need in this country, more strife and power to minorities, true democracy!

  8. I can’t do this anymore. The liberals are hell bent on destroying Canada. We don’t even have an identity anymore. We are looking into moving out of Country!

  9. I am born and raised 66 years in canada if i wanted to live in Syria or saudi arabia i would move there im born a christian i will die a christian i have never been in fear for my life in canada untill someone voted mohamed Trudeau as primeminister.

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