NOT SURPRISED: Trudeau on another spending spree

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Well, with the country in a $635 billion federal debt which has the rate of increasing at $3 million an hour, why not spread the joys of Christmas with a little more spending? Say what you will about Prime Minister Trudeau, but he knows how to make people happy by taking out loans and spending it on treats for the people who love him.

Recently, Justin Trudeau approved the federal government’s largest union for 5.5% raise and a $650 bonus. If we just calculate the bonus, it will cost the Canadian tax payers $44.2 million. But all is good because Christmas is here and apparently everyone should just be happy that Santa is coming.

Since we are speaking about spending money while being so care free, let’s take a look at the electoral promise that was made by the lovable joy spreading Prime Minister. According to Trudeau, he promised to bring the annual deficit to $10 billion which has now reached $30 billion and has chances of increasing by the end of this year.

According to Trudeau’s policies, it seems that the only ones benefitting from these are the people employed in the public sector. The private sector is suffering and seems like it will keep suffering till there is a significant change in the distribution and consumption of finances.

It is apparent that the public servants make 11% more than the private sector. People who criticize Harper’s government don’t realize that he was the one who kept the country’s finances in check at all times.

He proposed the change the present sick leave plan to a short term disability plan which would have required the public servants to actually be sick when they took an off.

The country’s financial condition is deteriorating at a very alarming rate and right now there is a very serious need to cut all unnecessary expenses which include office renovations for Patty Hajdu and unchecked and unplanned raises and bonuses.

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  1. In simple every 11 hour and a few minute each every Canadian goes one dollar more into debt. And these are debts that go on and up no matter hard work or how frugal we are or how hard we struggle to pay down or off our own personal debts So each and every member of all our family’s we each off us every month owe roughly $50 dollars we did not owe the month before. We pay for it in loss of potential services or income or in extra taxes or worst in carrying an increase debt load. Or another way next Christmas we will each owe $600 we do not owe now

  2. These Liberals are spending future tax payers money. I really resent him and his Ministers giving my tax dollars to people who are encouraging children to kill Jewish people amongst others.

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