Berlin Jihadists calls on Muslim brothers to “Kill the Crusader Pigs”

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The Jihadist that was responsible for the death of 12 people while injuring dozens more had created a video where he was calling upon his Muslim brothers to join the jihad to kill the crusader pigs. The man drove a truck into the Christmas market at Berlin, claiming lives in the name of God.

The video was posted by the ISIS run news agency called Amaq. Amri, who pledged allegiance to the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, called upon the faithful Muslims to fight against the Crusaders who have bombed Muslims for years.

“My message to crusaders bombing Muslims everyday… Their blood will not go in vain. We are a nation behind them and will take revenge for them,”

President Trump tweeted after the attack that this is something that all the countries should unite against as it is a straight threat to Christians all over the world. The 24 year old Amri was shot dead by the police in the Italian city of Milan but he was able to send a devastating message to the innocents who were shopping for Christmas.

ISIS is an evident threat and not to recognize this as genocide by anyone is a mistake. The Liberal party took its liberty of voting against joining the fight against the genocide because they do not consider it one.

There have been reports that the Islamic State has been circulating names of other churches and religious places to be targeted over the holidays. This is a time to practice extreme caution.

Amri calls upon the Muslims, especially in Europe, to use whatever means that they can to kill the “Crusader Pigs.” They want to run the streets of the west with blood in the sadistic name of whatever they believe in.  

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