Shannon Phillips says Alberta doing good with Carbon tax

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It is just the 2nd day of the implementation of the Carbon tax and Alberta’s Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says the province is still standing. A person might wait for at least a week before they pass comments like that.

There is a possibility that Albertans who were against the Carbon tax initially will start seeing rebate cheques any day now. Opposition Wildrose critics like Don Macintyre say that majority of the people still oppose the tax and there is still no sound proof of the fact that most of the climate change is because of humans.

The tax began on the 1st of January sending gasoline prices 4.5 cents higher and the heating costs for homes also went up along with it. Shannon Phillips held a news conference on Monday where she deemed it was her responsibility to speak about the misinformation that had been spread about the Carbon levy.

A similar conference was held by Sarah Hoffman a day after Phillips. Phillips also talked about the fact that the Trans Mountain pipeline could not be approved until the Carbon Tax was in place. This was the condition set by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Is Justin Trudeau’s condition really justified? Have there not been pipelines built before without the application of an environmental protection tax on the people? It seems like the NDP are trying to push the same narrative again and again until they think it would be believable but it doesn’t seem to be working.

With the allowance of the exemption of some of the top companies of Oilsands, the tax seems to be nothing more than another money-making scheme now. According to Macintyre, approvals for projects such as the pipeline should be based on scientific grounds rather than letting politics play a major part in its approvals and non approval.


Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. Albertans chose her to deliver what they never expected from the NDP-TAXES AND MORE TAXES. Brad Wall WARNED-WARNED Albertans to not vote for the most destructive party-the NDP, but like always Albertans were swayed with antics against the opposition party.
    THE WOMAN who has no interest in the general public but that of for herself is to suck the living day life of the Albertans and she does not give a rat’s ass. how she does it.

    Thank God I did not vote for her nor for her blood sucking party.
    Common Sense prevails when one sees through destruction.

  2. The so called carbon tax is no more than a tax grab no different than the GST with the money going into general coffers to be wasted by incompetent politicians!

  3. Shanon has NO CLUE.,, show me one person in a depressed economy that is elated about a new tax…
    particularly one that is based on opinion not fact…
    If the NDP had any integrity they’re ask justin why is he giving away billions to foreign countries and his pet refugee project when Canadians are in need….

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