Brad Wall Says Justin Trudeau Is A ‘Sh*thead’

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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall called Trudeau a sh*thead on Twitter with a retweet but removed the post minutes later and apologized.

Wall responded to this video.

“Let’s focus on technology to solve the global climate problem and stop this ill-conceived carbon tax scheme,” he wrote.

He then retweeted Twitter user Branik Fedikov, who wrote “@Andrew_Dalgarno @PremierBradWall @JustinTrudeau if all the money goes back why take it in the first place #shithead”.

Wall deleted the retweet, and apologized. He said he never saw the hashtag.

Brad Wall also responded to the video with this on Facebook:

“First of all, they aren’t my farmers… they are Canada’s farmers who are literally feeding Canada and the world, and creating thousands of Canadian jobs in the process. And their national government should be working with the Saskatchewan government, not against it, to ensure Canadian agricultural production remains as cost effective as possible in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

Share if you support Brad Wall, he has been standing up for Taxpayers as the Canadian government doesn’t.

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. If Brad Wall can return all the money he collects, then what is the point of the carbon tax? French Fry is a real piece pdf work. SMH

  2. Wall does not need to apologize to this glorified arrogant globalist thug TruDope, who feels he is our supreme leader. I would give him a kick in his butt he would never forget. He needs to be charged with treason and thrown out of Ottawa NOW before we lose our country. We are currently over 600 billion dollars in debt….soon we will hit 1 trillion. We will never recover from that. We need money and hospitals to accommodate and support our Syrians who refuse to work. One million of these people will enter Canada before TruDope finishes his first term.

    • and all in the name of JOB CREATION ???You need jobs TO BE THERE to put pple in them….we are financing drugs to assist in keeping our own pple to NOT work …AND making sure that traditional jobs are reduced by excess unsubstantiated spending…….charity begins at home lamebrain , know nothing selfie rock star …In the meantime, the glorified arrogant globalist travels the globe to convince who of what ??? PLUS since he has the crystal ball , he KNOWS what will be required in year 2050 ..stupider was not invented ….

  3. It is another sign of the times when a man (Bred Wall) must apologize for telling the truth while a baldfaced liar (Skippie Trudeau) can spew all the garbage he wants with impunity. He will say and do anything that would help him get a seat on the United Nations. He would be a good fit. That organization is useless, too.

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