Trudeau Chases Trump Team Out Of Alberta Oilsands Tour 

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It’s a stab in the back from Justin Trudeau for the Trump team as head campaign manager and recently appointed counselor Kellyanne Conway was scheduled in Calgary at a sold out event with the Alberta oilsands community. 

On Friday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office confirmed that he will not be attending the Trump inauguration on Jan. 20 and will instead embark on a coast to coast tour of rural Canada.

“He is not going to the inauguration but there will be a Canadian delegation,” said press secretary Cameron Ahmad.

The Trump team was scheduled for a tour of Fort McMurray’s oilsands for possible future investments but Trudeau blew that chance to create more jobs and economic growth for Alberta. 

From Daily Caller

“I can tell you that Ms. Conway’s office and our own have tried every option at our disposal to make this work and, unfortunately, a visit is just not possible at this time,” said Barry McNamar, the fund’s president, in a news release on Saturday.

McNamar did not return calls by The Daily Caller on Sunday to clarify the reason for the cancellation.

If there was a democratic president-elect, Justin Trudeau would have book the trip to the inauguration a long time ago, but instead he decided to show very little respect to the new president-elects team and Alberta. 

If it was Trudeau’s true intention to kick the new president-elect out of Alberta, this is his way of doing so, he has no interest in creating jobs for Alberta. 

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. Trump has already said that if he had been shown the respect Obama got when he visited China he would have left. Trudeau will kill any chance of doing business with anyone other than Saudi Arabia

  2. Justin is coasting across Canada to ‘revive’ his popularity. Nothing to do about economy jobs since many of them have left Canada for US. All he has to do is show and pretend with a smile here and there and pretend to listen.
    Once the media and the women fall for his antics. He leaves.
    These routine will continue over and over and over until Canadians wake up that Justin is ‘ALL SHOW’ FOR JUSTIN, ONLY JUSTIN.

    Justin won 39.5% of the popular votes most of those votes came from the ndp, unions and so on including the media
    ust to remind ourselves:
    In 2011 PM Harper won 39. 9% of the popular votes without unions, ndp, media support

  3. Well next election, I hope a conservative gets in to the Prime Minister position. I think Trudeau is going to put Canadians into the poorhouse!!!

  4. I really don’t care who you are but go get if you can why would you hold back you have freedom of speech so use it and watch them squirm .

  5. President Trump do not listen to Justin Trudeau he has no respect for anybody unless you’re Muslim. The West wants to separate from the east if you play your cards right Mr. Trump you could have the west as part of the USA because we do not want Trudeau anymore because he does nothing for us but try to destroy us, him and Notley have no respect for Alberta. If you wanted a tour of the oilsands I can guarantee you Suncor, Sincrude, Albion or CNRL would definitely help you out they would give you a tour of the plants. Nobody is fighting for us Albertans but ourselves we have to fight two governments to have any type of life here in Alberta. Please President Trump help us in Alberta.

  6. Tell me…..what has Trudeau got to do with the Oilsands in Alberta? Would that fall into jurisdiction in Alberta? But, think again…Notley is not interested in saving Alberta’s Oil business, either. Keep Trudeau out of Western Canada. Notley is doing us in as it is. We do not need Trudeau here.

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