The Shocking Canadian Future: Decades Full of Debts and Deficits

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Canada’s economy is in a much worse state than what we expected.

And this isn’t just us speaking. The federal government itself admitted that, at the rate its going, Canada will end up in mountains of debt and deficit in the coming decades. It may create a situation where the federal government finances can crumple.

In an attempt to sweep the shocking projections under the rug, the federal government quietly released the financial report just two days before Christmas. As the politicians were on their holiday break and the media was reveling in the Christmas spirit, no one took notice.

But they’re noticing now.

Trudeau’s Troubles

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that he would balance the country’s budget in 2019.

This seems like a distant dream in the light of the recent financial figures. The long-term economic projections suggest that the dream of the balanced budget won’t be realized until 2055, or perhaps even later.

In addition to the budget deficits, the debt may also reach beyond $1.55 trillion in the long run. That’s more than double the federal debt right now. What we also need to keep in mind that such projections may not have included the possibility of an unexpected financial crisis like
the Great Recession.

The underlying causes

The biggest underlying cause for such a dismal projection is the federal government’s expenditures while the Liberals continue to pump debt into the Canadian economy. At this rate, the federal deficit can swell up to around $40 billion.

Another potential cause of the bleak economic outlook is the rapidly retiring baby boomer generation. As the older people retire, Canada’s workforce and their participation in it will shrink considerably. It’s happened for the first time in the country’s history that there are more people older than 65 than there are people younger than 15.

One thing, however, is certain.
Canada’s economy won’t recover anytime soon.

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  1. Well, Justin said he is going to ‘raise’ taxes and was voted for that. He also said that he will not deport terrorists and was voted for that too.
    Justin has no interest in Canada. He can continue ‘faking’ his concern for Canadians and business but one thing for sure, the businesses are not falling for his ‘fake’ concern ANYMORE and are moving out of Canada.

  2. I wonder how he sleeps at night … how will his kids react when they realize that they can never brag about their father the PM … how does his wife feel about all this BS … is she in on this … probably and his mother … probably … what a f**king legacy to leave …

  3. Justin Trudeau and his left wing policies are leading Canada down a road to financial and social ruin,Canada has never been so divided,he is probably the most hated PM in history even more than his Nazi loving father

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