‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary Running for Tory Leadership: Could he be the Canadian Trump?

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Donald Trump is about to become President of the United States, but it seems that Canada also has an ace up their sleeves. Anything you can do, we can do it better. Kevin O’Leary is basically Canada’s answer to trump, and the businessman and reality TV star has announced that he is going to be running for the head of Canada’s Conservative Party. The winner of that will in all likelihood go head-to-head against Justin Trudeau in 2019.

This is exactly what Canadians were looking for, a man who has a plan that will kickstart the economy by supporting small businesses. O’Leary is a man that will stand up for hard-working Canadians and will get the country back on track again. Trump has already shown that a man with strong character strengths will be able to win over the masses, and that is exactly why O’Leary is hoping he will be able to do the same in Canada.

The biggest hurdle in front of Kevin O’Leary is that he doesn’t have the political experience, but then again the public wants someone outside of politics. The United States is already on the path towards change, and their decision to elect Donald Trump may turn out to be one of the best things they did in history. They broke the cycle, and will start working on making America great again.

This is exactly what needs to happen with Canada, if Canadians want to grow at the same pace with their neighbours. They are fixing their rights with Trump; perhaps O’Leary is Canada’s answer to Trump. The jury is currently out on his chances of winning, but he still has to become head of the Conservative Party before he can even begin thinking about battling against Trudeau.

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Delilah is 31 years old from Toronto Canada and has a conservative view on politics, she lives on the road following big names in politics, she has come upon us with many years writing experience, in her early years she has been all over Europe back-packing and had the "adventure of a lifetime" before settling down to write news on Canadian and World politics.


  1. IMHO career politicians have made a shambles of the ‘career’. Their behaviour over the last decades since WWII has led ordinary folk to rank and respect them right up there with car salesmen, lawyers (most of them are lawyers, so go-figure), real estate agents, insurance or snake-oil salesmen. Let us please clean our own swamp too!

  2. Check out the returns from the O’Leary fund in relation to similar funds and you will see they are in the middle of the pack. O’Leary is hardly a particularly gifted businessman. Unfortunately being a celebrity in today’s world somehow translates into political relevance, whether or not said celebrity has ever done anything of any significance to the benefit of society. O’Leary s in the business of promoting O’Leary and a greed agenda and has never been a friend of Canada’s poor or those who Are in the position of having to work for a living. You don’t drain the swamp by diving into the sewer.

  3. It seems that “Your comment is waiting moderation” should read we are ensuring that your opinion corresponds to our own. I have made a number of reasoned and thoughtful comments, none of which have passed “moderation”, or should I say censorship. It would certainly make the task more difficult and less inciting if this sites news items actually had to involve an unbiased presentation of the facts.

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