POLL: Do you think Trudeau should step down before the election?

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Word is out, Canadians don’t want Justin Trudeau anymore, the mainstream media say Canadians still want Trudeau, someone’s lying, so take this poll and share. 

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. yes he should step down before the election because he is doing Canada wrong.He should back his own people,not a bunch of muslims that want to take our country from us.Justin? Are you Canadian or are you Syrian.Wake up smell the coffee.Tim Horton’s is just up the street.Coffee up.Immigrants have more rights than Canadians do.This ain’t their country,It’s ours.

    • You’re a close minded idiot who lacks the ability to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. If your kids could be potentially bombed tomorrow in your own home, wouldn’t you want Canada to come help you?

  2. Trudeau is creating Canadian Genocide on the people of Canada. He is a Traitor and is spending Canada into Debt. He has lied continuously to Canadians. He does not follow Canadian Laws he should step down as Canadians have no Confidence in Trudeau and his Liberal Government

  3. Trudeau is a disgrace to Canada. World Leaders have called him an idiot. Sure am not proud of that. The Truth does come out. We Canadians did not all vote for Trudeau. Canada is a GREAT COUNTRY to live in. Trudeau SHOULD NOT be allow to totally destroy Canada. Time for WYNN to RESIGN also . Trudeau & Wynn DO NOT have Canada BEST INTEREST at HEART. They are BOTH are GREEDY, POWER SEEKING. TIME TO GO. CANADIANS NEED TO BE PUT FIRST. Trudeau has Betrayed Canadians.

  4. Trudeau should not only step down but should be exiled to the middle east where he can practice his non CANADIAN ways of doing things. I can picture him standing on his balcony looking east thinking of how much money he can spend to bring all the muslims to Canada , meanwhile his back is turned away from Canadians who worked and sweated to build this country

  5. I agree with you totally Robert. He could care less about Canadians who have paid taxes all their life, just give to all the freeloaders. You are the one who is making people predjuced towards these people, cause you give in to their every whim. We liked Canada before you started changing all our Canadian values. Time to step down and get out of this country.

  6. He has destroyed enough . All of his answers to quiestions are speeches he has had to memorize any leader that cannot rationalize & explain his beliefs to help others understand or for that matter take into consideration the voice of his own people should not & is not a leader just a puppet.
    Step down Trudeau you have damaged enough.

  7. Many of us believe he got the ‘legalize marijuana’ votes. Those people didn’t see the bigger picture. That picture is playing out to be a horror story of the demise of our Canadian culture, laws and way of life. He is not servicing the Canadian people, in fact he is laying the ground work for the next government to have to really tighten our laws and ‘drain the swamp’. We need someone in the PM chair who understands the business that is government and also the need for tighter security/immigration measures. No foreigner should have the right to impose their ex-country laws and values on us. Let’s keep Canada Canadian! Google this: “Can a prime minister be removed?” Answer: The person who can remove the Prime Minister or any other Minister within Parliament before an election (other than the legal system) is the Governor General. 2. The role of the Prime Minister is not defined in the constitution, so there is no specific formula for his dishonourable removal from office.Nov 18, 2015″ So… David Johnston, we have a project for you. 🙂

  8. Turdeau, Notley, and Wynn all have to GO, & ASAP!!! by any means available, canoe, kayak, dump truck, horse and buggy, spaceship, super elevator, giant slingshot,whatever works the fastest, offers no return options!!!

  9. He needs to step down along with Notley and Wynne. All three have destroyed Canada and have bullied the people, called them names and two of the three then screamed that they were being bullied. I also do not support M-103 and providing certain groups in Canada more rights than others. I believe this Carbon Tax is a cash grab that both levels of Government are using that is destroying investment in Canada while making the low middle and low income earners into bankrupt. Trudeau has sold Canada to the Middle East and the U.N. he needs to do the right thing and step down and take the other two with him. All need to be investigated by a body that is NOT being paid off by them.

  10. I truly believe that Justin Trudeau should resign and move to a Muslim country, his love for this being so evident, where he’ll be happier and so will we! He loves to spend and give away money and can do it all he wants to with his own money!

  11. Hell yes and he also shouldn’t be allowed in Canada he has screwed thongs up enough. He I said a waste of space and to him Canadians aren’t important.

  12. Most definitely he should step down. He has done nothing for Canada. All he’s done is allow a bunch of refugees mostly affiliated with IsIs into our country for free. And then turns around and pays with our tax dollars for them to stay here.

  13. It really bothers me that trudope is trying to ram this citizen ship bill through , so his muslim imigrants can vote,,, even though they have not been in Canada long enough,, this is not right , that he thinks he can change the constitution to suit his own gain….Why cant the Gov, Gen see through him and help Canada?

  14. Yes leave and never come back before Canadians take actions to defend our country. You are a disgrace to Canada and your family. You have reached the tolerance of Canadians. Follow your own words and accept you need to be gone before it’s to late and innocent people loose their lives and young girls and women lives are taken away.

  15. It wont let me vote but i want trudaaa gone yesterday he should be charged with treason they are allowing muslims to not need picture id on firearms unless this is fake news they shouldn’t be allowed firearms considering most are in big city’s what do you think they will hunt for

  16. Justin Trudeau needs to be removed from parliament and his policies that honour religious ideology or more like religious based exemption laws replaced with Secular laws that encompass all citizens. You want to vote, own a fire arm, or become a Canadian Citizen then show your face and be willing to have a picture of your face on all required documents just like the rest of your fellow citizens. Refuse to do that then leave Canada and don’t come back.

  17. Yes he should definitely step down. The only thing that should happen faster is he should PAY BACK some of Canadians’ money from the millions of dollars he has in his bank account and in his company (Foundation) bank account and holdings.

  18. Since he has gotten into office he has done nothing but tax the Canadians for anything & everything you can possibly think off.He is allowing illegal refugees to stay in Canada whether they are criminals or not.We the Canadians are paying to support them & they are paid better than pensioners,seniors,people with disabilities.These refugees have destroyed other countries & wants their ideologies to be allowed in our country.the islamic refugees have barbaric laws & want to have their way here in Canada & Trudeau is doing everything they want for them while taking away our constitutional rights so we can do nothing.He should be tried for treason,he has betrayed the Canadians & Canada.

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