Twitter Going Crazy over Justin Trudeau’s Butt

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Yes, you read that correctly. It is acknowledged by all women that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a person that can charm anyone with his amazing looks and beautiful words. Even Ivanka Trump could not stop staring at the man when the President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau met to discuss the border situation.

It seems like Twitter is going crazy over Justin Trudeau’s bum in a recent picture where his figure-hugging pants are showing a little more than just power. Women all over the world have re-tweeted the picture, showing how much they appreciate this man for existing.

Some users even compared his butt to Trump’s butt.

The problem here is that although the world loves him, there are people in Canada who can look past the looks and the charm. There are a lot of things that Justin Trudeau and his administration are answerable for, which is why his butt may not be the first thing on the Agenda in Canadian Provinces.

In recent polls, it has been seen that the Liberal party are losing their popularity among the Canadian citizens because of the way they have been handling affairs of the Federal Government. With mistakes and decisions being made that are upsetting the people, looks are the last thing that Canada needs right now.

With the electoral reform not going through and more refugees being accepted despite the fact that Canada is running out of money to keep its own people in employment, the carbon tax did not help ease things.

Many small business owners in Canada are now struggling with the added taxes and have had to shut down because the green energy is not affordable for them. So is it really necessary to swoon over a man’s behind rather than think about what is going on in a country where people are struggling to make a living?

Twitter can go crazy for Trudeau, but back home; he has a lot to answer for, before people can start taking him as the ideal person.

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  1. That’s the whole idea ‘keep the public mesmerized on Trudeau’ so his inner circle can carry out their mission without your knowledge.’

    Little do Canadians know Justin trudeau is following orders from his backroom dangerous radical group than giving orders himself.

  2. Well if everyone likes his butt so much why don’t they force him down from his role as PM and have him pose for playgirl fulltime. Surely he would be capable of a job of that magnitude. Definitely better suited than what he is doing now.

  3. As a woman, I think he is ridiculous and weak looking. My husband is younger than Trudeau and looks like a man, powerful, muscular, strong, good, wise. We have eight children (we were high school sweethearts), and our oldest just joined the Armed Forces and second just won a bursary that pays her college tuition in full next year. My husband can shoot, skin, teach any subject/grade, dominate in any sport, has worked as a psychologist at a lockdown facility for mentally ill teens and still has a huge soft spot for learning disabled kids. He’s currently principal for a K-9 school, and is a firm Stoic. My husband would make an awesome Prime Minister. But politics doesn’t attract these kinds of men. Just weak jawed babies who are afraid of real work and want to go back to jr high student council….

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