Canada Dealing with Their ‘Swiss Cheese’ Border

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The Canadian Federal cabinet ministers are all set to talk about both the practical and political pressures that the Liberal government has had to deal with due to the rising number of asylum seekers that are entering Canada. The meeting is set to be held by immigration officials, the RCMP and the border security agencies that have been preparing for the possibility of some winter trickle through the US-Canada border. According to officials, the results they can get from the exercise will help officials determine the best possible action that can be taken by the Canadian cabinet.

The officials are also closely looking into the links between the groups or border crossers to find if whether border crossers are being pushed into Canada from the US due to the current political situation of the country. According to two government officials, there are many people who have recently poured into Quebec having American visas which have been issued in the US Embassy at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Canadian officials claim that the visas were attained to be used as a transit point so that they could get to claim asylum as they reached Canada.

The recent debate was sparked after pictures of RCMP officers carrying children through freezing temperatures along the Canadian-US border, which drew global attention and resulted to more political pressure on the Trudeau Administration. While the Trudeau government is scrambling to search for answers, the conservative opposition are demanding a crackdown on the cross-border crossing. The Liberals are also being urged to dedicated more resources towards the refugee determination process. According to the Immigration and Refugee Board, there was a 40% increase in new claims in 2016-17 as compared to the same time the previous year. Another factor of the new influx of people coming in from the US is Trudeau’s repeated messaging on welcoming immigration and diversity, which has also been an extremely strong pull-factor.  

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  1. Jason, “How many liberal mps and their reporters and their judges have taken unvetted illegal refugees into their homes. How many refugees FIND refuge in Peter Mansbridge’s house or in the homes of any of reporters you see on national television. How many of the liberal Press Gallery reporters have taken refugees into their homes?
    Since the reporters are gong ho in supporting Justin, then help him by taking in refugees he brought in unvetted.

    I think Jason, such questions should be ask not once but several times.

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