BREAKING: Motion 103 PASSED, Free Speech Is Now DEAD In Canada

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The liberal government has done it, free speech is now dead in Canada, thanks to Justin Trudeau and MP Iqra Khalid.

And I must mention all NDP members voted for this too. 

Watch this video below. 

Read more here. 

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. Khalid and trudeau are scum. I’ll still speak my my mind. They are the true racist bigots. Khalid’s agenda is obvious,we still don’t know what’s in it for trudeau. He can go lick the islamic stones they plan to murder us with. Shove your legal weed up your ass goof;you’re worse than useless. You’re a danger to your countrymen.

  2. Looks like Canada needs a Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Or perhaps a James Booth? Just sayin’

  3. No liberal, especially Justin Trudeau, is going to impose any limit to what I can say and what I cannot.

    They assume authority that they do not have.

    • Spoken like a redneck Republican parrot. This is Canada: the last thing we need here is American style politics based on fear and distrust. Canadians by and large are better than that.

  4. A society of Canadian cowards… traitors

    Very disappointed but not totally surprised.

    Power out of the hands of ordinary Canadians. One more seed for the advance of Islamism and fermenting anarchy.

    Trudeau is an irrational self-serving individual in the process of eroding democracy, dissolving free speech, ultimately hijacking parliament for supreme dictatorship à la Mao Tse Tung, one of his idols. Be very afraid!

    Trudeau has no hint of rational thought in his whole body… incapable of reasoning or drawing a rational conclusion from the facts… only interested in the entertainment and is so buried in narcissism that he shunts the truths of the world to fuel his own righteous attitude of condescension against perceived enemies of goodness pervaded by the deceitful neo-Marxist who seeks control of every aspects of our life and renders us slaves of the state.

    No wonder Trudeau wants Friday off and spend only one day a week in the House to avoid answering questions. Sometimes one is required to speak the truth and answer questions which he can’t without all the equivocations and histrionics. It’s even more disconcerting that none of his disciples has the temerity to tell him to shape up… all from the same cloth likely.

    There won’t be too many opportunities left to recover Canada as we’ve known it from the hands of a traitorous Trudeau who continues to enable Islamism into superseding our cultures and eventually eradicate our civilization. That is of grave concern if he’s unable to comprehend fundamental Islam, more so if he’s in cahoots with such ideology for our nation. Interestingly, why would he allow many unappreciative and disrespectful Muslims to manipulate him into ultimately spreading medieval barbarism on Canadian servicemen and women’s homeland while the latter continues losing their life to eradicate the same evil overseas! Insane!

    Neophyte radical politicians, e.g. Trudeau, Mélanie Joly, Iqra Khalid and others, should never be allowed to unilaterally create policies which seriously affect Canada’ sovereignty. With due respect to all competent women and people of all races, that was a problem waiting to happen by creating a party based primarily on equality and diversity.

    Canada is in trouble and urgently needs a stable leader working for Canadian interests, not for globalization, the UN or the Islamic way. From the list of candidates aspiring to become Prime Minister, in my humble opinion Kellie Leitch is the only one demonstrating that she can honestly walk the talk and turn things around, hopefully before it’s too late.

  5. RIP Canada. Muslims officially have more rights than any other religion or group. One or two generations and it will be a Muslim majority country judging on reproduction rates. Sharia Law is coming. The west is falling. This is how you get nationalists, this is how you get right-wingers. I hope you’re happy crooked liberals. You are selling our country out so you can get rich. Thanks. It’s like a competition between the most stupid to see who’s more tolerant of people who don’t give a crap about them. Love it.

  6. It’s a statement from Parliament + direction for some committees to undertake some research. It’s not a bill or a law or anything with any sort of teeth.

  7. Not a single liberal woman dare stand against their leader for the women in Canada and for that those same liberal women have thrown their fate to the devil. Look at the women in the media who have supported the liberals and their vile acts they too haven’t the guts to stand against an evil motion that will change their lives forever.

    And since the courts judges even the journalists who are submissive to other rules and laws that goes against the will of Canada (Canadian laws) will sooner see the outcome.
    The liberal men mp voted against their own wives sisters and all women who have struggled suffered under the ‘brutality’ of the Sharia law.

  8. Have you notice Justin the coward, traitor, was not in parliament to help vote alongside his own mp Iqra Khalid on her M-103 bill… the very bill which he signed his name on -giving her his permission to carry out this vote.
    Justin wants to keep his name out of the picture when things turn ugly. He does not want to damage his image so he can use for in the next election.
    Had he been in parliament and be the first to rise for the vote of a ‘damaging’ bill WHICH HE ALLOWED, he knows he will be ripped apart by the general public which he could not afford to do for self imagine in the next election.

  9. Back when the Human Rights Tribunals were gunning for Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant for bashing Muslims, conservatives got quite worked up about the old Pierre Trudeau hate speech laws. But it is only an affront to Canadian decency when it is THEIR speech being threatened.

  10. so someone missed section 15 of the 1982 update to the canadians rights and freedoms act ? this law was always there , its why he had no opposition from rational canadians .

    all this law does is re-state what we already know and force it to be talked about.

    i am a conservative and even i see this plain as day .
    i also am a canadian and detest the commie’s down south so that is where me and some conservatives see differently . they support less freedom for more personal self entitlement .

  11. do your self a favor and learn the canadian laws before you go and start spewing off shit. Canada NEVER had free speech to begin with, its an american amendment. not Canadian. canada has never had laws allowing us to speak freely.

  12. Freedom of speech dead why ? Yes for those racists making racist comments It is to bad that motion 103 did not include everyone who is targeted for hate speech

  13. This isn t the Canada I like hate it and the Liberals to.
    Id never vote for any Liberals at all. they are weak and stupid and don,t know the rteal enemy.
    Trudeau is just a boy feminst prime minister that got elected for his looks not for his political policies.
    Wake Up Canada.

  14. Okay so Allah being a douche bag is against the law? in Canada Hmm..
    alrighty then you all are whipped little pussies up there.. hahaha..

  15. Jason, free speech is not dead in Canada. This was a motion. An expression of an idea. This is not a legally enforceable law. All it says is that it is no more acceptable to promote hate speech aimed at Muslims than it is for Jews. And I’d point out that similar motions have been passed years ago dealing with hate speech in all its forms aimed at Jews and at other groups.

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