New Social Media Poll Shows 90% Want Trudeau To Step Down

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A new poll shared throughout many social media channels has proven 90% of voters want Justin Trudeau to step down from office.

The poll was released February 26, 2017 and is still active today.

This is a non-targeted poll, meaning anyone who wants to can take the poll, CBC and other mainstream media outlets target their poll and therefor it becomes a biased poll, check out this live poll below.

After more than 8800 votes from across Canada, 90% of people want Trudeau to step down before the next election, share this and keep the votes counting.


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  1. By the time Justin steps down, the damage to Canada has been fulfilled by him, his gov and media. So much so, the next gov will have a trouble time bringing back Canada to her original roots which Justin and crew took no time destroying.
    Mind you, Justin KNOWS that he has no troubles returning to gov in ’19 he doesn’t have to count on certain provinces for their votes especially when he has many illegals, radicals and immigrants to fill that void and WITH THE MEDIA’S DEVOTION, Justin smooth sailing into a second term will occur.

  2. This sounds too good to be true and the sample size so far is very small. I doubt that so many Canadians that were so stupid as to vote for Justin would wake up to the obvious so quickly.

  3. Justin Trudeau is a Communist Traitor. He has No Canadian Values. Charge him with Treason.
    Lock Him Up before it’s To Late!

    • I dont want to support this treasonous prick, I hope him and his family are stripped of their canadian citizenship and thrown out of the country and banned from it for their entire life.I would like his foundations/charities etc are dismantled and all the moneies they have are given to the canadian people for compensation!!Down with Trudeau.

  4. Why do you want Justin to step down? Can you run our Country better? E-mail him and tell him why you are angry with his performance…

    • LOL, yeah, Email him, that will do wonders. Considering he doesn’t listen to Canadians in the first place.

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