Trudeau Says Canadian ISIS Supporters Have The Right To Defend Their Freedom

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Several staff at the Trudeau international airport in Montreal lost their security clearance due to radicalization and support for the Islamic State.

ISIS has influenced many people, and from Canadians to be stripped from their security clearance while working at a major Canadian airport that’s named after Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is a bad thing, something that could lead to disaster and major safety issue for Canada.

One of the employees had access to the runway directly, the investigation found that videos of ISIS has been shared and promoted from their social media accounts.

The radicalized employee who still works there hasn’t been fired or taken into custody, he’s been given a new job at the same airport, but this time he can’t get access to the runway, is that justified? Or can Canadians feel safe now?

Justin Trudeau responded to the story and said everyone has the right to their freedom.

“I think that’s part of the kind of conversations we have to have as a society,” said Trudeau.

“Keeping people safe is paramount important, but defending our rights and freedoms is as well, and making sure we do that in the right way.”

Toronto Sun

Candice Malcolm who works for TheRebel.Media and the Toronto Sun voiced her opinion the article and unloaded on Justin Trudeau.

You can’t make this stuff up. Trudeau wants to have a national conversation about whether terrorist sympathizers and ISIS supporters should be able to work in strategic locations at our national airports.

He wants us to consider the rights and freedoms of terrorist sympathizers and ISIS supporters in order to strike the right balance between our safety and their freedom to do what? Support jihad?

Trudeau is becoming a parody of an apologetic leftist who believes terrorism is our fault and zealous Islamists and jihadists are simply misunderstood.

We’ve seen this sort of weak-kneed response from Trudeau before, in his early days in politics.

The Canadian mainstream says there’s a Trump style right-wing conservative movement increase in Canada, and Trudeau is the one that triggers that by not promising the protection Canadians want.

Some polls suggest Trudeau is losing support as more time goes by, slow but steady, will Canadians stand up at the next election and make their vote count?

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. I seriously think trudope has lost his mind,,,he flip flops like a fish out of water,,,Isis is no threat, to Canadians,?? Isis is a threat to the world…Any supporter of Isis should be immediately deported, and certainly not allowed to work in an airport.. I can hardly believe that we are faced with this, and a PM who does nothing to protect us,,,,

    • Ya trudope, trained by Jesuits. Did he consider the remarks of many Imans that say not only do ISIS members have a right to defend themselves but they have a duty and a “right” to kill you?

      We’ve been sold out and its better to recognize the painful truth and take precautions than wait for some crazed Eurostan devotee to take you childs’ life. People think it can’t happen here. It’s happening in Canada now.

    • Remember fellow Canadians , this Adolph Trudeau , has been having secret meetings with G.Soros who worked for the SS in Hungary during the war. In 1974 on 60 Minutes he openly admitted to sending people to the death camps. How is it possible for Soros to have entered Canada let alone have meetings with the PM ? The RCMP and government are supporting the destruction from within of Canada. If this lying piece of dog shit is allowed to stay out of prison for his act of treason then it should tell everybody what is actually happening to Canada. Adolph Trudeau also had meeting on a fantasy island owned by the number one mohamidan in the world. Were Trudeau’s meetings there like the meetings on Epsteins island ? That was run as a place for the elite to rape children . Think long and hard about the truth my countrymen.

    • was watchin the local news here in orangeville and he was on a hill saying isn’t this all great. And not only that I was sick 8 yrs ago and had to take some money out of my rrsp to pay my bills. at tax time I could not pay because I was still sick. now 7 years later with all my refunds which amount to about 16000$ I am living in poverty and they still say I owe about 4000$. So much for justice.Once it is warm enough I will be homeless. Thank you very much prime minister!

  2. Only they are not fighting for freedom of any kind. They are fighting for supremacy and control. A distinction those on the left simply can not understand.

    • The Left’s main focus is immigration and mass migration at that. Anyone complaining about threats to security, through Islamic jihad, or worried about Islamic law being imposed and rights and freedoms lost through religious accommodations, is seen as getting in the way of immigration. The Left’s funding is primarily coming from people like Soros, the people who want mass immigration and open borders. But unlike the activists, the backers are doing this for financial gain. Because once the borders are down, it makes doing business simpler, instead of having to deal with 20 different regulations, of 20 different countries, there’ll be only one or two. Also the cost of labor, if a company can reduce the cost of wages through mass immigration, then the difference not paid the the US or Canadian worker means more profits are transferred to financiers. [Cheaper migrant labor (tech sector h-1b visas as well as low skilled) in the US saved corporations $500 billion in 2014] The sjw or liberal activists are the globalists’ puppets. They call you racist and xenophobic and you are shoved out of the way in the policy or decision making sphere and Soros agenda can be enacted. You really have to stand up for what you believe. You have to speak out and pierce their little bubble.

      Trudeau is on good terms with Soros.

    • I understand that Justin Trudeau is a Muslim convert? So, naturally, he’s very defensive about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Like most Muslims worldwide, he like blasphemy laws.
      That’s why he’s so keen on pushing through this “Islamaphobia” law!

      Muslims usually side their own Muslims.

    • They are fighting for a worldwide caliphate. They want the whole world to be under Sharia (Islamic laws).
      Other religions just cannot survive whenever and wherever Sharia is strictly implemented.
      Non-Muslims are third class citizens (dhimmis) under Sharia.

  3. Well he did say the Boston bombers were feeling marginalized when that happened. That was before the election and even after this stupid statement, among many others, people still voted for him. Man, wake up people. This man is a danger to all Canadians, even those who voted for him, even though they can’t yet see it.

    • You are right on Karen….the danger is towards us all. Those who voted for Trudeau should be the first to feel the ‘results’ of these marginalized aliens wrath because they welcomed them in, when they voted in our brain – dead PM

  4. Niki Ashton, a direct quote:
    “It simply isn’t good enough to continue to follow an incremental approach that has often failed to challenge the policies of Liberal and Conservative governments,” says Ashton. “We must challenge the power of Canada’s elites, the rich and powerful who are benefiting from growing inequality in our country. It’s time to call out a system that is rigged to benefit the few at the expense of the many.”

    This is a strong, level-headed woman in her prime with the power to stand against the corporate robber barons like Trudeau and Bombardier Execs’ and to stand for the Canadian voters. Is “Socialist” a word that catches in your throat? Please Google McCarthyism – one of The Great Corporate American Propaganda Whores most successful campaigns against the common man, unions and any other self defense mechanisms available to The common Canadian/American Voter. With Trump at the helm in the USA, Socialist Democracy is the last safe refuge for Canadians and Canadian resources.

    • You are full of it man! Trump will go down in history as the greatest POTUS in history. Mark my words! He’s created thousands of jobs (in 4 months) and consistantly making America great again as is his motto. A man of his word.

    • the Socialist ideology is the most vile and murderous in the history of man..from recent collapse of African nation states under it rule.. to the western Leftist outright an overt support of Pol Pot to Mao to Stalin to the Castro. The many gulags of Socialist ” reeducation camps” Greta Garbo once said there will be fewer but better Russians..Muslim rights are women rights.

  5. “Keeping people safe is paramount important, but defending our rights and freedoms is as well…”

    After passing M-103 which has the potential to restrict Canadians’ freedom of speech, only Trudeau would have the cynical gall to make a statement like this.

  6. The guy is so programed and clueless. ISIS is the CIA/MI6/Mossad funded by the Saudis. They are mercenaries.

    • You bet we will! In fact we are. Up ’till now we’ve been protesting M103 and here in Mississauga, protesting Muslim religion in schools. I don’t doubt it’s the same across Canada.
      NOW we must have loud, strong protests against Trudeau himself.
      America got lucky that Obama didn’t take them down and then they got Trump. A saviour in my opinion.
      Canada may not get so lucky!

  7. I am thinking we need a National Conversation on when we should remove the Liberals from Federal Leadership in order to keep from getting killed by friendly Terrorists and Debt!!!

  8. I am very liberal in my thoughts for many issues. However, as far as ISIS (extremists and supporters) are concerned, I don’t condone them being able to establish a criminal network within our own borders. All Canadians have rights and all Canadians should feel safe and free from harm. Canadian Law is for all to follow, there is no need for special laws for individual groups.

    When someone supports Islam terrorism that person loses their right to freedom of speech and should be arrested for treason.

  10. If Justin Trudeau truly believes what he is saying, he is more delusional than I first thought!
    How can any sane person, much less the Prime Minister of Canada, believe that terrorists committed to the destruction of Western society have the Constitutional right to infiltrate our society, and plot terrorist acts against us ( under some ridiculous charter freedoms )
    Maybe he will think differently when someone declares that plotting his assassination falls under ” freedom of speech ” !!!

  11. So PM Selfie Zoolander wants freedom of expression for JIHAD WARRIORS who will not lose citizenship even when convicted, but on the other hand, he wishes to take freedom of expression away from those who CRITICIZE JIHAD.

    So according to Zoolander, JIHAD IS GOOD, but CRITICIZING JIHAD is BAD.

  12. If Justin Trudeau think terrorist and their supporters have the right to freedom, why motion 103 getting passed , everyone has the right of free speech and thinking.

  13. This would be like saying I sympathize with the Quebec mosque shooter. Trudeau is a friend to jihadists and is a traitor to this country.

  14. Organize about Trudeau… Show his dangerous statements. Show his acts of corruption, which he does not recognize as such, Show the treason behind bill M-103 ,and the subversive agenda of this manipulative weasel.
    Show the many treasons to the Canadian way of life : selling our security secrets to the Chinese,robbing enormous amounts of taxpayers well earned money to buy the attentions of foreign leaders by gifting to their causes. Research what this devil has done in such a short period of time. Considering the rights of terrorists as important as Canadian safety. We should accommodate a few opportunities to experience the acts of terrorism, shouldn’t we Mr Trudope?
    Abolish CBC and any other snake oil trudashian news who elected this fool.

  15. What is sad to me is that Canadians did not learn from Obama and voted for the white version in Trudeau. It was all planned by the globalists that he would join Hillary in finishing off the west for their communist NWO but they did not count on Trump.

  16. I think comments like this is unbelievable, no wonder Trump wants to put a wall up at the Canadian border too.

  17. I’d like to know what Canada is doing to protect the Aboriginal people of Canada aka First Peoples who are being murdered freely? The news doesn’t carry this and no one speaks of it yet this yahoo, Trudeau, gives criticism to the US… he needs to fix their own problems and how they treat the First Peoples of Canada. But silence abounds and Trudeau doesn’t address the issue nor do any of the liberal progressives because they are KILLING the people there and journalists have their heads stuck up somewhere.

  18. Trudeau Needs to be court marshaled, stripped of his wealth and sent to Saudi Arabia.
    I’m sure those who hate homosexuals over there would love him.

    Time to leave Justin

  19. Trudeau is a drama teacher with a penchant for selfies. His main concern is that everyone likes him, thinks he is a great guy and that he looks good in photo ops. He clearly wants to be a “good guy” to everyone, even terrorists. Does he really believe that will save him or us? God help us!

  20. And at the same time this traitor and dirty hypocrite criminalizes people that speaks against the destructive islamic ideology with his new blasphemy law?? Well i guess in Canada you dont have a right even for free speach unless you are an islamist or ISIS supporter… but then you have the rights not only for free speach but basically for anything…

  21. I voted for the Liberal party at the last election. I am strongly changing my mind in light of the conversations from our Prime Minister.

    I sincerely hope as we go forward into the future things will change for the betterment of the citizens of this great country of ours.

  22. Justin the braindead Trudeau, what freedoms are ISIS defending? The freedom to mutilate girls? The freedom to rape unattended women? The freedom to marry children? The freedom to kill Christian? I could go on.


  24. If he is going to behave like Chaimberlain in Britain before WW2 erupted, I fear he may end up costing more than just freedom to Canadians in the civilian population. He is pandering to the wrong people, and he is playing a dangerous game at the public’s expense.

  25. If Trudeau’s comment that everyone has freedom of speech, ,then why did he pass Bill 103, that if anything is said against, Islam, we will be charged?
    Also, why not do the same Trudeau for Christians, Jews, Buddas, Hindus the list goes on?
    I believe they have bought Trudeau, and Trudeau has sold out Canada. Why all this protection for this “so called Religion of Peace” that the left wing is trying to throw down our throats? When they come for him and his family, then will things change in a hurry. God help us all!!

  26. Islam is not a religion of peace. The following facts apply to all Muslims who follow the Qur’an to the letter and are considered devout (not extremists or radicals just devout who follow all the Qur’an’s teachings and don’t reject any of the texts)

    fact: beating your wife is considered normal

    fact: you may stone your wife if you deem her worthy of stoning

    fact: women who are raped are stoned because they “had sex”

    fact: devout Muslims praise Allah for the holocaust and say that “Allah willing, the next time there is a genocide on the Jews it will be at the hands of Muslims and we will kill all of them, not even one will survive, to the point that there will be a rock in a field and the rock will cry out ‘Muslim there is a Jew hiding behind me’ and the tree will say ‘Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me’ until all are destroyed.

    fact: Mohammad was an evil violent man who killed entire cities of the Jews and many many Christians and infidels in ‘holy war.’

    fact: The Qur’an refers to Jews and Christians as infidels that are to be destroyed

    fact: The Jews are considered to be birthed from pigs and dogs and are taught to hate them from infancy.

    fact: In the Qur’an, Allah is a distant god and you will never know if you are actually going to heaven so you have to work really hard to do good works and pray 5 times a day and do all the ceremonial tasks correctly. The only way to know 100% sure that you are going to heaven is to die in an act of holy war ‘jihad’, or to kill a Christian or Jew.

    fact: Mohammad took a girl who was 6 and married her and consummated the marriage when she was only 9 years old. This is the law accepted in most Muslim countries because if you dispute this, and you say that it is too young then you are painting Mohammad in a bad light. The Qur’an teaches that it is good to have your daughters out of your home “before her first blood” and married.

    fact: Their mandate is to invoke Sharia Law. In Sharia Law, it is legal to stone your wife at your discretion and kill any Muslim for converting to a different religion and kill infidels – all of them. It overtakes a country’s politics, religion, and culture and forces their own on it. We can look to England for a shining example as they are almost there.

    fact: Most Muslims don’t even know what they are reading in the Quran or saying when they pray because it is all in the Arabic language. It is not promoted that they read the Qur’an in the languages they speak because then it is not considered “the Qur’an” The prayers may never be in another language because Allah does not hear prayers that are not in Arabic. You could have a Qur’an that is Arabic on one page, and your spoken language on the other, that is the only way you may know what it says is if you read the Arabic page, then the page in your language.

    fact: because the Qur’an is in Arabic, most Muslims don’t know what is in there. In fact, for those of us who study the Qur’an in translated English, we know more about Islam than most Muslims do. We should not be afraid to talk to them about this.

    Fact: you may do whatever you want to an infidel, which is why there are so many rapes going on in England right now. There is gang rape, raping women, children, and men who are infidels before they are slaughtered or put in prison, especially those who are caught in underground churches, and people are most often raped before they are beheaded.

    Fact: There are Muslims who are peaceful and good people, but these are the Muslims who do not practice all of the Qur’an. They have a conscience and see that murder is not good, they don’t think Jews are the product of dogs and pigs, and they don’t beat their wives and wouldn’t kill their child if they decided to become a Christian. However, this would be considered a Muslim who is not a devout Muslim. They probably go to the mosque once a week, and say their prayers, but would not be considered devout because they don’t condone all the teachings of Mohammad and would not condone Mohammad’s lifestyle of genocide on behalf of Allah, and child wives, stonings etc.

    Fact: “radicalized, extremist” are terms that don’t make sense. There are devout Muslims carrying out their mandate that they truly believe the Qur’an is the true and right religion and they want to carry it out to it’s fullest extent. They are crying out for love from their cold distant (non-existent) god because they want assurance of salvation. It’s about feeling like you are not on solid ground because you can never have the assurance of salvation as a Muslim unless you kill a Christian or Jew, or die a martyr for jihad. Then there are peaceful Muslims who are not “devout or good” because they don’t practice everything the Qur’an teaches.

    Fact: These are people who are crying out for love and acceptance from their god. This is the misunderstood part. We don’t need to fear every Muslim as not all of them are violent or believe in jihad, we need to be conscious and aware of what is happening in our country and stand firm and hard in our rights and freedoms and what this country was founded upon so devout Muslims coming in know they cannot run the show and call the shots and transform our culture, religion, and politics to Sharia law. Any devout Muslim coming in who wants to terrorize our country need to be deported. Period.

    Fact: For me, as a Christian, I am called to love my enemy. My enemy is Islam itself, the evilest force on the earth right now. To a Muslim who kills me, my death would be considered a one-way ticket to heaven. But I am to love the Muslim. Hate the religion, but love the Muslim. So for anyone else here who is a believer, know that these children of Ishmael are crying out for a heavenly father that does not answer, crying out for assurance of salvation that will never come. They are broken, depressed and sad people who are bound by the laws of Islam and only if they follow it to a ‘T’ will they enter heaven but will have no way of knowing. It is a heavy burden and many are ripe to hear about the love and the light of Jesus. Jesus is showing up in dreams and visions to Muslims in Mecca and in areas where Christians could not go. Read the book dreams and visions, it is amazing what God is doing. So pray. We can pray, we can talk to Muslims we know about this stuff and ask them questions. Be sure to know they are not devout Muslims as we must have discernment. But we can love on them.

    Islam is not a religion of peace for those who follow the Qur’an, there are those that do not follow all of the Qur’an but would be considered a “bad” Muslim, like a Christian who only goes to church but doesn’t act like a Christian, and these Muslims are kind and peaceful. We must be on guard as a country and aware of the situation at hand. We must fight hard for our wonderful foundational freedoms in this country that Trudeau seems bent to stain. Freedom of speech, Freedom of (peaceful) Religion are paramount. But let us not be afraid to love on Muslims because they are in need of love, and need to hear about the love of Jesus.

  27. How many people have died of Islamist terrorists attacks in Canada ?
    Answer: 2.

    How many people have died of Islamist terrorists attacks in the USA?
    Answer: 3, 158

    Whose security approach is working ?
    Whose isn’t. ?

    The road of peace is a narrow one.

  28. Why are Muslims working in high security jobs in the first place! That is like letting the fox in the hen house!

  29. I agree with almost all.of the comments about Trudeau. I Do not agre with comment about refugees and immigrants for the simple reason that most of those writing have no idea of the differnce. They should check that out

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