Trudeau’s Bill S-230 Will Allow Government To Forcefully Extract Your DNA

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With Bill S-230 the Canadian government is prepared to erode basic fundamental rights and freedoms in regards to maintaining the privacy of our DNA, watch below. 

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Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. Wow great article.

    I missed where you found evidence that anyone’s bodily fluids were going to be added to this national database without an order from a judge…oh wait…it didn’t.

    So what you’re saying is that law enforcement will be able to screen drivers for alcohol and drug impairment via a bodlity sample, just like they aready do and there is no evidence that it’s going to be secretly stored on the database (which had already been in existence for years. So it would appear that not much does change.

    Consider this. Do you enjoy a coffee now and then? Do you through you cup away? How do you know that the government isn’t taking those discarded cups, pulling off your DNA and fingerprints and adding them to a super secret dateabase to track you everywhere?

    The point is, the legislation being put into place really doesn’t change much of anything from our current situation minus the fact that more drug impaired drivers will now be taken off the road where they endanger innocent lives.

    There is no conspiracy, no one gives a shit what your doing and much less do they want to track you. Obtaining your DNA, fingerprints and even your location is incredibly easy and doesn’t require fancy laws.

    That being said if your concerned with secret government programs I would suggest scrambling all your electronic devices with powerful magnets, burn them to destroy the reminments, abandoned all communication networks and withdraw from society to live off the land where the dence tree umbrella will block out the sataliete signals. Also don’t forget to burn your excrement (it could be used to obtain your DNA).

    You will note that this system worked wonders for for Osama Binladin for several years until his currier got sloppy and got him found.

    If this all seems a little crazy for you then you can just come back to the reality that the average person is not nearly interesting enough for anyone to want to keep tabs on. Short of you being a credible threat to your community then the government doesn’t track you and likely never will.

  2. Thank you Jason, this is important news that needs, no, has to be reported. You are doing a fantastic and thankless job, but your viewers and readers will be very grateful to have someone report the news in a timely and as far as I can see, unbiased opinion. I look forward to your next article(s) on this and other topics.


  3. What a farce… I really would like to protest this bill….and what would they deem an acceptable amount of marijuana in your blood ……For a piss test at work its 15 nanaograms which is nothing at all…..I am frustrated already I can feel the control what a change this world has embraced and the changes are ever so subtle …From the 70s to this is a complete shift

    • Exactly my concern. He is playing everyone. On the one hand he’s making weed legal and then he is turning around and making it impossible to live a normal life if you use it. That’s a load of crap. A daily pot user would never again be allowed to drive, because the traces of THC in your body are always going to be too high even if you’re totally sober. I wish people with no statistics to back there talk would shut up about the drug impaired drivers. How many Canadians have been killed by Drunk drivers? Thousands? Tens of Thousands? How many have been killed by drivers on weed? 0 that I’ve ever heard of and most certainly 1/1000th as many as alcohol at worst. Yet this legislation unfairly targets marijuana user and should be protested for that reason. Honestly, I am not too concerned over the DNA issue although I see your point. I do also agree on the idea of an open, free market.

  4. The excerpts you read make no mention of DNA at all; they are only about sampling for the presence of alcohol and drugs.

  5. Uh… Section 254(1-5) of the CCC already allows them to collect blood or urine samples when impaired driving (drugs or alcohol) is suspected. Why the new legislation? It is more or less the same…

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