BREAKING: New Reports Show Trudeau Is Stealing $280 Million From Alberta And B.C.

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Justin Trudeau has been exposed, please read and share this on every social media channel possible. 

During Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax campaign he continuously told Canadians carbon tax would be neutral, but new reports show the Trudeau government will be receiving $280 Million over the next two years from a five percent GST charge on carbon tax. 

To my surprise CBC reported this:

The federal government stands to raise as much as $280 million in revenue off provincial carbon taxes in Alberta and B.C. in the next two years despite claims carbon taxes would be revenue neutral for Ottawa.

Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna have long insisted Ottawa would collect no revenue from the carbon price the federal government is requiring the provinces and territories impose by 2018.

However, a new report from the Library of Parliament shows federal coffers stand to benefit financially when the five per cent GST is applied on top of carbon taxes built into the prices of goods and services such as gasoline or utilities.

“That’s where the federal government suddenly gets rich off Canadians,” said B.C. Conservative MP Mark Warawa, who requested the report.

This is theft from the Trudeau government from hard working Canadians, just last week I seen a carbon tax charge on one of my receipts, but how much was directly sent to the Trudeau government in the form of GST? 

Share this to expose the crooked government we have in Canada. 

Jason grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and moved to work in the Alberta oil patch for the last 10 years, he has a sense of humor and open mind, his goal is to provide factual news across Canada and the United States on politics, he hopes one day to work for many publishing networks around the world.


  1. Trudeau is a liar , a cheat , a traitor . What are you waiting for to kick his stupid butt out of their , he’s good for nothing except take advantage of the people .He’s also a thief , get him out .Our country will never come back from all the crap he’s doing .

  2. How can one man continue to do so much damage to our country? It appears we live in a dictatorship? We cannot afford to have Trudeau in charge until 2019!

  3. I hope that all the Liberal lovers/voters grow a brain before the next election. What an abuse of power. He is a mini Putin. He needs the money so he can buy illegal refugee votes.

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