Canadian Government has Taken Power Away from Families and it Must Stop

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The Canadian government has grown in power over the past few years, and especially after Justin Trudeau came to power. While it is important that a country’s government be powerful, it is how they choose to use their power that defines them. However, the increasing government power in Canada has come at the cost of individuals, and families. This is a matter of grave concern, because the government seems to have more authority over the lives of children than their parents!

The elites in Canada think that the government knows what is best for children, and not their own parents, and is acting in that manner. They have systematically removed the parent’s rights to control their children’s education, and how they should raise them. This is not the way a democratic government is supposed to run a country, and it is only going to set a dangerous precedent that will have long-term consequences for the Canadian society and its people.

Everyone has the right to choose how to raise their children, but the government thinks that it can take away those rights from parents and make decisions on how a family should be raised. The government should completely stay away from parenting, as they have no legal right to tell parents on how they should be raising their children.  

The government is not elected to teach parents on how to raise their kids; they are elected to look after the Canadian people. It seems that the current government is power hungry and wants to exert their influence on all avenues of people’s lives. They don’t want people to raise their children differently, because they know that everyone has a different parenting style, and imparts different values on their children.

It is understandable that the government intervenes in cases where  parents have broken the law and hurt their children, but this in no way gives them the right to force elitist government ideology on children against the wish of their parents.

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  1. This moron and his elitist buddies have interfered in every aspect of our lives. They do so because the Canadian people have not stood up and said “ENOUGH”. We all need to stand up and make our voices heard before the damage is permanent.

  2. Trudeau raise your own children the way you want to but leave other people’s children alone .We know your children will be raised Muslim we don’t want that for our children .why don’t you just leave the country and let someone who knows what their doing do that job .You are so clueless .

  3. Please be specific as to how “the government” has seized control of raising the children of Canada. I’m 43yrs young and my wife and i working are working on the fifth child to be raised in our home. In all that time and all the battles over vegetables or homework that echoed throughout our home over two decades . Not once did I notice anyone representing “the government” engaged in even one of those battles. Nor was one within sight or earshot. Now I could support your hypothesis, or even take it the slightest bit seriously, if it contained a single example or a single piece of information to support your assertions and not simply accusation and hyperbole. I look forward to reading your adendum as I’m sure it was simply overlooked and is handy in file on your computer. Thank you for the obvious adherence to such a high journalistic standard and responsibility to the public.

  4. They have taken my children from me then it was over hairsay and i was a good mom.then they now have stopped me from finding my children they say i cant look for them legaly but they can look for me .to tell you the trueth iv had been shot at buy c.a.s with a rifle.Iv been set up to get my head beet off a door iv had a broken neck and crushed spinal cord when i went to trial then i had concusions on my head and was told buy midland police i couldnt press atempted murder charges.then sighned them all over cause i was brutaly beeton off a steel door with concusions all over my head.and in 1992 after my daughter amanda got taken hostage and i was beet up the c.a.s said if i had an abortion i could keep my first daughter so i had it they said the baby was five weeks old in me after the abortion i realized i was lied to they ripped a 7 month baby out of me i was left not even mended with bad scar tissue.I hate c.a.s

  5. Every thing Trudeau and his Liberal cronies have done to date is anti democratic
    and the sooner our pot friends in the east and West, realize that, we should be able to tar and feather the entire group of Liberals after the next election and send them to the Middle East where their policies may be more acceptable .

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