Trudeau’s Approval Ratings Drop into Hell

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You probably wouldn’t believe it, but Justin Trudeau’s approval rating is dropping faster than a skier on an ice slope! Canadians have turned their backs on the globalist and elitist agenda of PM Trudeau and this has seen a dramatic fall from grace for the poster boy of Canadian politics. Justin Trudeau is losing popularity and fast, and the only one to blame for this is Trudeau himself, as his deception and hypocrisy have been exposed to every Canadians.

He hasn’t followed through on any of his promises, and lied on everything he would do. He is about to impose higher taxes that will make the poor even poorer, and will damage the economy. Even then people continued to back Trudeau, but now his popularity is waning, and his approval ratings have now gone into the red. This means that it is the first time that Justin Trudeau’s ratings have been in the negative. Campaign Research held a recent poll, which showed that 46% Canadians disapprove of Trudeau, with only 39% Canadians approving of Trudeau.

This means that Trudeau currently has an approval rating of -7, which clearly shows how he has lost all credibility with the Canadian people. His numbers are also affecting his party, as the Liberals and Conservatives are now tied at 34% approval in the latest poll.

There is no doubt about it, Trudeau-mania is dead and buried, and it is Trudeau that will carry the blame as he has remained out of touch with the Canadian people and has a globalist agenda that is only enriching those at the very top of the table, while the rest are being bled dry. The most surprising thing is that Trudeau is losing popularity, even with the support of the elites, big institutions and the media, as most Canadians have already made up their mind about him.

The drop in numbers is so significant that researchers suggest that Trudeau may never recover and there will be a continuous drop in his approval ratings.


  1. If people hate him so much and we do we would really appreciate it if the government would get him out of their we are ready for another election before it’s time , he has to get out , he’s killing the economy and he’s giving our hard earned money to the Muslims community , and they don’t deserve it , all they are , are leashes ducking up everything that should go to the vets , the homeless and the Canadian people .get him out as fast as you can please .

  2. Who in the World are the 39 percent Morons who gave this Idiot an approval rating??? Muslims or left Wing Morons????

  3. I can’t stand Trudeau he is the worst mistake in the history of Canada! Why can’t we Canadian citizens have him removed? The Governor General has no respect for the Marjory of Canadian taxpayers, just a figure head, that we Canadain taxpayers are paying for he is useless. The corrupt Liberals who won’t make Trudreau step down are traitors to Canada!

  4. This should be no surprise to Canadian voters. From day one it was not hard to see this individual had no substance to him. A man who never had to work has no reality to a working class. He sends foreign aid by the millions while his own country is hurting whether it be health care or child poverty. The liberals were desperate for a leader who will plummet them to possible extinction for some time all the while setting Canada back in terms security social unrest and economic fall out.

  5. The media apparently are still protecting Justin either by not saying or showing much of him while attacking Trump as though he is the bigger problem. Nevertheless, it is still a cover-up for Justin.
    So, as Justin drops in the polls so does the media with him.

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