Trudeau Government Ends up Buying the Wrong Rescue Aircraft

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Justin Trudeau’s government has made it a common theme to make mistakes after mistake, and their most recent gaffe involves choosing the wrong rescue aircraft! The original plane was expected to reach the North Pole in one day, but the plane they have chosen is going to take 2 days. This is another case of money squandering, and comes at the back of the military already being under-funded.

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that the airplane that was chosen for this $4.7 billion program is going to be worse than the alternative plane that the government had rejected initially. The plane that was chosen in the end is the Airbus C-295, and it is a significantly slow plane that will take 2 days and 2 separate flights to reach the North Pole, after it is deployed from its Winnipeg base.


The plane that was originally considered is manufactured by Leonardo, an Italian company that also makes the C-27J plane. The company claims that their plane will be able to reach the North Pole in only 1 night, which will allow the trip to be completed in a single day. They are now asking for the contract to overturned and have gone to court, because they delivered a plan that met all the requirements, while the Airbus C-295 doesn’t meet those requirements.  

The Defence Department is disputing the argument put forward by Leonardo, and has claimed that it doesn’t make any difference if there is no delay. Airbus on the other hand has claimed that their plane can easily accomplish this task, and many claim that it is now a Leonardo vs. Airbus battle for the ages, which was procured by the Canadian military in order to get a better deal.