A NEW CHICAGO LOW: Muslim teen who threw her baby out of the window to its death gets only probation – reason why will infuriate you

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Mubashra Uddin met her first boyfriend, a fellow student at Uplift Community High School in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, not long after she turned 13, according to family and friends.

But in the strict Muslim home where Uddin was raised, even speaking to boys — particularly African-American ones — was forbidden, relatives said.

When her Pakistan-born parents found out about her boyfriend, they pulled her out of the high school and home-schooled her for her last two years, according to her family and friends.

Uddin, now a 19-year-old student at DeVry University, found out she was pregnant in February but told only her boyfriend and one other friend, Cook County prosecutors and her attorney said.


Her friends, teachers and relatives are now wondering how the sweet, intelligent, sometimes timid teen could end up charged with first-degree murder, accused of holding her newborn daughter out of her bedroom window and dropping her eight stories to her death.

The newborn suffered mortal injuries, including a fractured spine and skull, broken ribs and a lacerated aorta and liver, prosecutors said.

“The act of dropping a newborn out of an eighth-story window to its eventual death is exceedingly evil, exceedingly cruel,” Judge James Brown said Thursday as he ordered Uddin held without bail.