Alec Baldwin: Trump Won’t Last Full Term, GOP Will Lose House and Senate by 2020

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On this week’s broadcast of the left-wing TV show “Democracy Now!” actor Alec Baldwin predicted special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings in his probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election would force President Donald Trump to resign and cause the Republican Party to lose majorities in the House and Senate.

Baldwin said, “I think Mueller is going to come up with an indictment Mueller is going to hand that indictment to the House Judiciary Committee. They have to decide whether they want to bring articles of impeachment. They are going to go to Trump, and something will be finesse where Trump will resign. And they need to do that quickly to get the smell, that stench out of the room so they can prop up Pence to run as the nominee. Because they will go in one four year period from controlling the White House and both houses of Congress to losing all three in 2020. Trump will be responsible for the most catastrophic political reversal in American history.”

He added,”I think that Mueller is going to indict Trump. I really do.”

When asked if Trump will make it to the end of his term Baldwin said, “I don’t.”


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