How Justin Trudeau Is Making Canada Less Safe For Jews

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“Why can’t he be our President?” lamented the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s charisma and wardrobe certainly left an impression on the writer, who made a point of noting the pushed-up sleeves, blue tie, and white shirt, topped off with “socks festooned with moose.”

Remember when Rolling Stone was all about rock, not socks? Nowadays it seems like the magazine spends its time sexing up terrorists such as the Boston Marathon bomber, and making up a story on campus rape that never happened.

The truth is that under Trudeau’s leadership and policy of appeasing hatred, Canada has become a more dangerous place for Jews. Canadian Jews are the most targeted religious group in the country. Despite making up less than 1 percent of the population, Jews disproportionately make up most of the victims of hate crimes.

Canada Funds Anti-Semitic Projects
Why are Canadian Jews the most-attacked religious group? Much of this has to do with the tolerance of anti-Jewish bigotry in Canada’s education system. An Ontario Ministry of Education-issued textbook titled “Canada and the Global Community” promotes dangerous falsehoods about the state of Israel. The textbook falsely accuses Israel of using “child soldiers” and “kidnapping” children in order to force them to fight. Despite the ministry issuing an apology and a corrected version of the sixth-grade textbook, about 800 elementary schools in Ontario already received it.

Islamic anti-Semitism is on the rise in Canada. In the University of Western Ontario, anti-Israel bigotry is not only given a platform, but receives financial support by the Canadian government. The creator of an upcoming art exhibit that glorifies terrorism against Israel has received $35,000 CAD in 2015 from a federal funding agency to continue her work.

The artist has continuously justified terrorist acts against Israel, plotted by her brother Khaled Nazzal, including the 1974 massacre of 22 Israeli schoolchildren and 4 adults. In 2014, this same individual put up a similar display at Ottawa City Hall, which glorified Nazzal and other Palestinian terrorists.

Under Trudeau’s watch, radical imams have been allowed to preach hatred and genocide against Jews. In December 2016, an imam in a Montreal mosque described Jews as “the most evil of mankind” and “human demons” before proclaiming that there will be a genocide against Jews at the end of time. In February 2017, a different imam called for Muslims to support Palestinian jihad against Israel and the total genocide of the Jewish people.

In a study released by Tom Quiggin, a court expert on terrorism and member of the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada Network, the Muslim Brotherhood has entrenched itself in North American politics to the point where it represents a greater systemic threat to Canada than al-Qaeda does.

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