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Provinces ask Trudeau to resume federal health talks

Finance and Health ministers from 10 provinces have called upon Prime Minister Trudeau to resume health talks. The talks were a result of the side deals that were made with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Finance and Health ministers of 10 different provinces have now come together and asked… Keep Reading


Trudeau is working up a Divide and Rule policy

It seems like Justin Trudeau has played the provinces against each other very well. At one hand, there are provinces bickering over side deals and on the other hand, the carbon tax is causing a big problem between why certain people are being exempted from it. The era of collaborative… Keep Reading


Canadian Beef being considered as a Carbon emission source

According to the World Health Organization, processed beef has been added amongst some of the most carcinogenic substances in the world. It stands with tobacco smoke, plutonium and asbestos in the category. Processed beef has also been linked to many other health problems occurring in people such as obesity, gout,… Keep Reading


ISIS will keep killing until it’s ideology is confronted

On January 1st 2017, the Malaysian counter terror chief, Ayob Khan expressed his concerns over the world not addressing the problem that is helping ISIS grow stronger. According to Mr. Khan, the real problem here is the Salafi Jihad that the Islamic State is using to its advantage and spreading… Keep Reading


What makes Kathleen Wynne so unpopular

You may walk around Ontario asking people if they like Kathleen Wynne or not. A surprising 90% of the people you ask this question to, will say they do not. So what exactly is the reason behind people hating the Premiere of Ontario so much? It is a baffling question… Keep Reading


Trump shoots down Obama’s statement of victory

In a recent interview, President Barack Obama stated that he was sure that he could have won the election for a third term if it was permitted by the constitution. Although he has the right to say whatever he wants, Donald Trump expressed his disagreement about this statement. Donald Trump… Keep Reading

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