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JESUS UNDER ATTACK: Statue of Jesus beheaded at church 

The head from a statue of Jesus  was removed amid a hide rise of leftists propaganda pursued by liberals and left-wing activists.  This was the second time the head was removed from the Indiana church. Fox reports: The pastor at the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship Church in Indianapolis said the… Keep Reading


“Prepare 2 be gassed” Racist Graffiti in Vancouver 

Students at a high school in East Vancouver were outraged when homophobic graffiti was painted on their school.  “Prepare 2 be gassed” read the message with a picture of what appears to be Hitler.  An outrageous act of antisemitism and homophobia at a high school in East Vancouver. Canada ready… Keep Reading


Judd Apatow: I Feel Like I’ve Been ‘Raped’ by Trump

Hollywood comedy guru Judd Apatow took on President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, and their son Barron over the weekend in an obscenity-laced stand-up routine. Apatow, the writer-director who launched Lena Dunham’s career and co-created HBO’s Girls, began his comedy set by describing his feelings about Trump’s election and his… Keep Reading


95% of Violent Conflicts Around The World are Muslim.

This may sound like propaganda because it sounds so far fetched. It isn’t. Check your own world almanac…. Radical Islam has spread a scourge of violence around the globe that otherwise simply wouldn’t exist. It is time for the West to put an end to this horror. The first step… Keep Reading


Ivanka Trump’s Brand Shoots To #1 On Amazon

Ivanka Trump’s perfume line shot to the top of Amazon’s bestseller’s list, as the first daughter faces boycott efforts by liberals and supporters counter with a #buyivanka campaign. In a widely publicized move, Nordstrom department store announced earlier this month it was dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, which many online… Keep Reading

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