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Trudeau Thinks He’s UnderPaid At $340,000 Per Year 

The Canadian prime minister makes a fool of himself over and over again.  Trudeau’s personal earnings for being the prime minister of Canada is around $340,000 per year, that’s around $150 per hour on a regular 50 hour work week.  But Trudeau thinks he’s underpaid, he wants to work less,… Keep Reading


Must Share: Videos Of London Muslim Killer, Islam Revealed

Before he killed at least four people in Britain’s deadliest attack since the 2005 London bombings, Khalid Masood showed his hate towards anything but Islam, and was considered by intelligence officers to be a criminal who posed little serious threat. A British-born convert to Islam, Masood had shown up on… Keep Reading

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Anti Establishment Sentiment Growing in Canada

Anti establishment sentiment in Canada is at a record high according to a recent poll. This comes as no surprise since Canadians have had to sit back and witness a populist Liberal government, promising to create jobs while beating the drum of law and order has repeatedly failed the Canadian… Keep Reading

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