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Justin Trudeau Must Step Down After First Investigation Launched

The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has lost it, breaking many ethnic rules, Trudeau could be facing fines and at best be forced to step down.  It would be ethical if Trudeau stepped down after so many incidents, taking a private helicopter from billionaire philanthropist and spiritual leader the Aga… Keep Reading


Stephen Harper MUST Come Back To Save The Country 

Are you tired of taxes? Tired of hearing new Taxes? I am.  Stephen Harper promoted to lower taxes while the Trudeau government promoted and promised to lower taxes but so far has failed.  Harper stepped down and now there’s a new conservative lineup for the next election in 2019 which… Keep Reading


WATCH: Trudeau STABS Sobbing Disabled Woman In The Back

Video below.  This woman from Ontario said she received a hydro bill of more than $1000 per month, isn’t that insane? But that’s only part of the problem, with Trudeau’s discussing answer he stabbed her and the rest of Canada in the back.  She’s disabled, she has 4 children, she… Keep Reading


Barack Obama’s Biggest Screwups

After eight years of political struggle featuring numerous ups and downs, rough patches and highs, American President Barack Obama’s term is finally coming to an end. Tributes from around the world are pouring in. The celebrities and the liberal media are saying teary-eyed goodbyes to their beloved President. And while… Keep Reading

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