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Islamic migrants gang rape mother of three in the UK  

Even Quran has sanctioned the rape and molestation of nonbeliever girls. In 4:3, 4:24, 33:50 lines, it is mentioned that enslaving the infidels is the divine right of every Muslim and Allah would absolve them of any wrongdoing. Towing the same line, Six Iraqi, Syrian and Bahrain immigrants abducted and… Keep Reading

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Vancouver BANS Natural Gas, Good Luck! 

The city of Vancouver has made a move that’s never attempted before, all natural gas is to be banned from the city by 2050, only 34 years from now.  My quick response is good luck! Nearly every house and businesses are using natural gas to hear their homes and buildings,… Keep Reading


The right move from Swiss leader? Ban hijab from passports

Walter Wobmann who is also the member of the right wing socialist party has indicated that hijab should be banned from the passport photos. Head scarves, hair bands, and even caps may not be allowed due to security concerns. Mr. Wobmann is an ardent opponent of the primitive Islamic practices… Keep Reading

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Should Canada deport families of terrorists? 

It’s a valid argument that’s caused confusion and controversial debates over the last few years, Israel does it, and it seems to work says Gavin McInnes.  Many attacks are so-called lone wolf attacks, but it will never be clear who is involved behind the scenes, in most cases the behind… Keep Reading

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