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Kathleen Wynne Would Lose If Election Were Held Today

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on June 7, 2018, and thousands of Ontarians can’t wait. If the Ontario election would be held today Kathleen Win would lose big-time as she’s losing support day by day, right now sitting at only 19%. A new poll from… Keep Reading


Trudeau Defends Pay Raise Given To Bombardier Executives

After Bombardier received a government bail out package from the Trudeau government in the amount of $372.5 million, Bombardier executives received a 50 percent increase in wages. Trudeau was questioned by the media on the subject while he was touring the Magna auto parts facility in Brampton, Ont. “We respect… Keep Reading


Trudeau To Start Building A Wall Across Canada/USA BORDER

The wall is already being built.  Justin Trudeau puts a price on carbon, an expensive price on carbon, while President Donald Trump does the opposite.  Trump has attracted more and more energy companies to the United States, while Trudeau kicks them out, so is Trudeau isolating Canada from the economy… Keep Reading


Saskatoon Bomb Expolosion Rocks Downtown “Low End Of IED Specrum”

Police and emergency crews were called to the Saskatoon provincial courthouse at 11 PM Wednesday night when a bomb exploded inside the courthouse. No one was injured in the explosion said police but there was minor damage to the inside of the building. Police say the bomb wasn’t linked… Keep Reading


Canadian Hutterites Pay 2 Billion A Year In Taxes

Since Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP places a price on carbon, many have asked if Hutterites pay taxes, are they exempt from anything?  Hutterites are not exempt from anything and pay more of their fair share in taxes, they live a simple community style life because of tradition and… Keep Reading


Trudeau Gets Called A Scumbag In Winnipeg

Justin Trudeau held a news conference in a Winnipeg daycare on Wednesday when a protestors heckled with him and called him a scumbag.  The protestor was protesting Trudeau’s high priced carbon tax at the news conference. From CTV: WINNIPEG – Justin Trudeau’s news conference at a Winnipeg daycare was interrupted… Keep Reading


Load Of Pipe Smashes Through Semi Truck Cab In Nisku

A driver of a semi-truck slammed the brakes on the overpass of Highway 19 and Highway 2 just outside Nisku and his load of pipe smashed through the cab and trapped the driver for some time.  The driver walked away without injuries.  From CTV: Witnesses told police the driver had… Keep Reading


BREAKING: Shots Fired Near White House 

Shots have been fired by police near the White House this morning as a motorist tried to run over police on Independence Avenue.  One female driver is now in custody. From NYP: The mayhem unfolded just before 9:30 a.m. when cops tried to stop the female motorist, who was driving… Keep Reading

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