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Woman pointing rifle sparks fear of ISIS attack

In the middle of a growing fear that has been provoked among the world’s population, but more specifically in Europe, due to the big, consecutive waves of attacks that ISIS has thrown in various countries that form the continent.Last September 15th happened an event that makes clear the constant fear… Keep Reading

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More Immigrants And Fewer Jobs To Come For Canada 

If the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum gets his way with this, Canada will significantly boost immigration far beyond its current registration level to fulfill this nation’s need of workforce.On a recent visit to Manila, Philippines, Minister McCallum pointed out a remarkable aging among Canadian population and… Keep Reading

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Boycott A&W: Bring Back Canadian Beef 

A popular fast food restaurant A&W is using beef outside of Canada, the Boycott A&W movement is live and you can do this here.  People familiar with agriculture have been displeased with A&W since 2013. That was when A&W decided it was going to start using beef that’s raised without… Keep Reading


Most Trudeau Polls Are Wrong 

Many would agree that most Justin Trudeau polls are wrong and biased with false targeting and media guidance.  Millions of people tune into CBC monthly as read how great of job Justin Trudeau is doing, they won’t tell you how much the liberal media is paying them for doing a… Keep Reading


ConocoPhillips lays off 1,000 people, 300 from Calgary

ConocoPhillips recently announced that it has laid off 1000 workers globally with 300 of them from the Calgary office. The company has stated the lower oil price and higher taxes as some of the reasons for the job cut. Robert Evans, the spokesperson of the organization declared that the company… Keep Reading

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