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Big announcement concerning Laureen Harper

The classy wife of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been out of the spotlight since Harper lost the federal election to current radical PM Justin Trudeau.  Calgary businessman Bob Benzen and his campaign team has announced Laureen Harper will join them for a meet and greet with fans and… Keep Reading

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Facebook facing lawsuits for supporting terrorists 

Facebook is facing lawsuits for giving jihadists a platform to promote hate, terrorism and death. The Facebook policy police have been busy over the last year banning conservative pages, groups and Donald Trump supporters, their own police were most likely told to try and sway the election giving the results… Keep Reading


Trudeau Thinks Albertans Will Help Him Win Another Term

Justin Trudeau rolled up his sleeves in Calgary on Wednesday when he campaigned in front of a blinded crowd of liberals.  Trudeau said he speaks for all of Canada and visits every corner of Canada.  Trudeau made it very clear Wednesday’s trip to Calgary was his sixth since becoming PM. … Keep Reading


Justin Trudeau looking to screw over the middle class

Trudeau and the liberal government claim to lower taxes for the middle class, however, there’s more to that, carbon prices and new green energy costs will cost more for Canadians, and especially more for the middle class. Green energy programs have already caused poverty in Ontario, premier Kathleen Wynne has… Keep Reading


Carbon Tax Still a Debatable Topic amongst the Tories

With the Conservative leadership debates kicking into high gear, nine of the fourteen candidates debated this Sunday in British Columbia. Among the topics discussed, there was healthcare, job creation, Islamophobia and what is the best way to deal with the immigration ban put by President Donald Trump. The format of… Keep Reading

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