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Trudeau bans media in Muslim Leadership roundtable meeting

Justin Trudeau is attending a Muslim Leadership roundtable meeting today, but the event is closed to the media. Free speech and freedom of the press is being censored hard by the Canadian government. After the roundtable meeting the Prime Minister will deliver remarks at an Eid al-Fitr celebration at the… Keep Reading


Trudeau’s approval rating skyrockets since G7

Canadians fell blind over the last month. Justin Trudeau’s approval rating at the end of March was only 44 per cent. That number now sits at 50 per cent according to a poll by Global News. But there’s good news, this doesn’t mean that Justin Trudeau is favoured to win… Keep Reading


Trudeau awards funding for racist deadly Muslim group

The Trudeau government approved funding to a group accused of racist and anti-Semitic hate speech. The money was awarded through a government jobs program. (TNI) One of the largest and most radical rallies takes place each year in Toronto, on the grounds of Queen’s Park. This year’s rally caught the… Keep Reading


BREAKING: 3 men gang rape 13-year-old Toronto girl

Please share this message as public humiliation is one of the best ways to punish a rapist, their faces should be plastered all over the web, if you have been a victim please speak up and call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477). Police believe there may be more victims after… Keep Reading


Trudeau advised to seek counselling which could force resignation

After Trudeau nearly suffered a panic attack from Donald Trump’s comments, he was advised to seek counselling. John Manley responded to give Trudeau some advice on handling the trade war between Canada and the United States, the Prime Minister simply doesn’t know how and doesn’t have any experience. “I think… Keep Reading


Graphic video shows Taxi driver ramming people

A taxi driver injured 8 people after he lost control of his vehicle and drove onto a sidewalk in Russia. The incident happened in Moscow’s Red Square during the soccer World Cup which Russia is hosting. The driver said he didn’t drive into the crowd on purpose and his license was… Keep Reading

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