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Denmark looking to ban all Islamic full-face veils

Denmark made headlines recently as they review a full Islamic face veil law. The full face controversy has crossed around the globe and everyone’s talking about it all the time. So what’s Denmark doing? Via the Independent: The government said it planned to fine people who wore items including the… Keep Reading


Women are protesting by burning their hijab around the world

Women forced to wear hijab to cover themselves are protesting around the world, most women these days are against the idea. Via Daily Mail: Videos showing women burning the hijab are being posted on social media in solidarity with a protest movement against enforced headscarf in Iran. Posted online with the… Keep Reading


Trudeau Just Threatened Every Canadian

Justin Trudeau just made a bold move towards NAFTA, a decision that not only threatened Canadians, but the future of Canada. Trudeau said he is ready to give up on NAFTA and walk away, he won’t be agreeing to any old deal. Via the FP: “We aren’t going to take… Keep Reading


Is Justin Trudeau Involved In A Pedophilia Ring?

Conspiracy theorists have put together this article that the Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau may be involved in a pedophilia ring, but is it true? Here’s the article reported by The Pedo Gate: Justin Trudeau or as I like to think of him, the SJW King in the North has always been an… Keep Reading



North Korea accused the Trump Administration of being a billionaires’ club that harbors a “policy of racism” while exacerbating social inequalities and denying freedom of the press and health coverage to citizens. The “White Paper on Human Rights Violations in the U.S. in 2017,” issued by the Institute of International Studies in the Democratic… Keep Reading

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