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Notley Must Step Down Immediately, More Jobs Killed

Ever since Rachel Notley got elected jobs have been killed across the province, thousands of jobs, construction, oilfield jobs, retail jobs, and many more.  No one wants to move to Alberta anymore due to higher costs on everything from gasoline to milk in your local grocery store from the recent… Keep Reading


Alexandre Bissonnette Was Actually A Left-Wing Killer

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, killed 6 people in a Quebec City mosque Sunday night during their 8 o’clock prayer.  As time goes by more details emerge from the killer including he was a Donald Trump fan because he liked his Facebook page.  The mainstream media blew this up and said he… Keep Reading


Quebec City mosque shooters yelled “Allahu akbar”

Five people are confirmed to have been killed by two masked men yelling “Allahu akbar”  Many more have been injured, witnesses say there was 80 to 100 Muslims praying in the church when the shooting took place.  From CBC  A witness, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBC’s French-language service… Keep Reading


PRESIDENT Trump Just Received A Call From Russia’s Putin 

Donald Trump just received a call from Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin, here’s what Trump said on his official Facebook page: READOUT OF THE PRESIDENT’S CALL WITH RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN President Donald J. Trump received a congratulatory call today from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The call lasted approximately one… Keep Reading

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