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News Alert: Suspected Terror Attack In Russia 

A total of 10 people have died and 37 injured at a train station in St. Petersburg, Russia on Monday afternoon after reports of two explosions rocked the station, later reports said there was only one explosion.  Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office spokesperson said the explosion will be investigated to all aspects,… Keep Reading


Spring Breakup Is Here For Oilfield Workers

It’s getting warmer everyday, road bans have been activated across Alberta, most road bans have been activated and announced on March 30. As rivers start flowing and snow starts melting trucks can’t move, Hydrovacs, Vac trucks, Water trucks and Rig Movers can’t move and aren’t allowed to drive on most… Keep Reading


Trudeau Would Win Another Term If Elections Were Held Today

A report from Global News says that Justin Trudeau would win another poll if the federal elections were held today.  The poll conducted by IPSOS suggests that thirty nine percent of voters support Trudeau and the liberal party, and only thirty two percent support the Conservative party.  British Columbia supports… Keep Reading


Kathleen Wynne Has A Secret Millionaires Club From Hydro One

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has removed top paid Hydro One executives from the Sunshine List not to reaveal their salaries.  The Sunshine List revealed salaries from public sectors workers for those earning more than $100,000 per year.  Wynne and Hydro One have a unique relationship, a relationship that caused Wynne… Keep Reading


Kathleen Wynne Would Lose If Election Were Held Today

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on June 7, 2018, and thousands of Ontarians can’t wait. If the Ontario election would be held today Kathleen Win would lose big-time as she’s losing support day by day, right now sitting at only 19%. A new poll from… Keep Reading


Trudeau Defends Pay Raise Given To Bombardier Executives

After Bombardier received a government bail out package from the Trudeau government in the amount of $372.5 million, Bombardier executives received a 50 percent increase in wages. Trudeau was questioned by the media on the subject while he was touring the Magna auto parts facility in Brampton, Ont. “We respect… Keep Reading


Trudeau To Start Building A Wall Across Canada/USA BORDER

The wall is already being built.  Justin Trudeau puts a price on carbon, an expensive price on carbon, while President Donald Trump does the opposite.  Trump has attracted more and more energy companies to the United States, while Trudeau kicks them out, so is Trudeau isolating Canada from the economy… Keep Reading

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