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Nobody Counted This $450,000 Bill Towards Syrian Refugees 

Many Canadians would argue that Syrian refugees receive more money than Canadians who are out of work, homeless or veterans.  This is actually true, refugees are receiving more money and benefits than any other Canadian in any situation helped by government funds.  There’s thousands of in-direct costs that benefit only… Keep Reading


Muslim migrant rape gang as it happens in swimming pools

Muslim migrants from Germany come to swimming pools to sexually exploit young girls as there’s limited other ways for them to access the sharia law style rape gangs.  [mc4wp_form id=”13213″] There have been reports in Canada about this, video is finally surfacing of how this starts, watch below.  Keep Reading

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European Prisons Are A Breeding Ground For Jihadists

Prisons around Europe are turning into breeding grounds for jihadist groups with a number of criminals seeing this form of violent extremism as a way to be redeemed for crimes they have committed. The emergence of ISIS has strengthened the link between terrorism and crime, according to a report which… Keep Reading


Notley won’t defend money grabbing Carbon Tax by the Feds

Rachel Notley, the Premier of Alberta, has said that she is not interested in showing a united front with other leaders against the carbon pricing plan in Ottawa. Brad Wall and Stephen McNeil of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia respectively, have been critics of the Liberals plan to charge $10 for… Keep Reading


The US Is Ready For A Huge Battle With ISIS In Iraq

As American and Iraqi troops get ready to reclaim Mosul from Islamic State, Obama’s administration says that this is the last hurdle before they can declare victory against Sunni militancy at least in Iraq. But, there are a few humanitarian aid groups and former officials who are worried that Obama… Keep Reading

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