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Liberals announce $138 million funding into its immigration programs

Canada has announced that it is going to invest $138 million into its immigration detention program, while replacing the facilities in Laval and Vancouver altogether. The announcement was made at the Laval immigration holding center where Canada’s Public Minister Ralph Goodale revealed the new objectives. According to reports, the new… Keep Reading

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Trudeau is Canada’s Arms-dealer-in-Chief!

Vibrant, progressive, flamboyant, sexy even?? These are some of the things that come to mind when talking about President Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Blue Eyed Boy, the apple of Canada’s eye, the best thing to happen to the folks up North since sliced bread. While Trudeau has carefully carved out an… Keep Reading

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100% of all rapes are committed by Muslims in…

The left claims that not all rape crimes are committed by Muslims, that’s not the case in Norway.  Norway has a population of just over five million, there’s only around 150,000 Muslims in Norway, mostly recent immigrants from Sharia Law countries, reports show that 100% of all rape crimes in… Keep Reading

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