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Islam In Canada: To Record Prayers is Islamophobic?

Johnston a Mississauga, Ontario patriot has offered a $1000 reward for evidence of hate speech in Muslim prayers at any public school in the Peel District School Board. CBC picked up the story and published a report on March 31, 2017 and ran with the underlying tone of Islamophobia. Watch… Keep Reading


Canada About to Lose ‘Buy American’ Exemptions

Donald Trump has plans on signing an executive order that will restrict ‘Buy American’ exemptions for the federal government. It is a move that will change the current ‘Buy American’ rules, which states that the US federal government has to purchase American products from only American companies. Waivers will only… Keep Reading


Keystone Pipeline Final Decision To Be Announced

It seems that the plans for the controversial and delayed Keystone XL pipeline will finally move forward, after the U.S. State Department granted a presidential permit to TransCanada. The Keystone XL pipeline has faced fierce opposition from environmentalists regarding the potential impact it will make on climate change. However, the… Keep Reading


Liberals Admit Terrorists Will Help Shape M-103 In Canada

In layman terms, liberal say radical Islam will be the voice behind M-103 which is a law condemning all  forms of Islamophobia including towards terrorists and radical Muslims. Almost all forms of terrorism is connected to radical Islam, liberals will disagree but the truth is out there.  In an interview… Keep Reading


Canada’s Anti-Islamophobia Study Will Start Next Month

Canada’s controversial anti-Islamophobia motion has been called for and it is passed. Now all that remains is for the motion to officially take effect, and it is very likely that will happen in the coming months. Calls for a study have ringing around for some time now, and the Standing… Keep Reading

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