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Al-Qaeda fighting for relevance again releases a DO IT YOURSELF guide for American train derailments – Boston to DC express line illustrated in terror feature

Al-Qaeda Targets D.C. to Boston Line, Hazmat Cargo Trains in DIY Derailment Guide BY BRIDGET JOHNSON The latest issue of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s English-language Inspire magazine names Amtrak’s D.C. to Boston Acela Express and several other passenger rail lines in the United States as prime targets for their… Keep Reading


Donald Trump Calls Out Antifa for Violence

“You know, they show up in the helmets and the black masks and they’ve got clubs, they’ve got everything,” he said, calling out their name — “Antifa!” Trump made his remarks after a protester tried to interrupt his rally. He remarked that the crowds of protesters were small, suggesting that… Keep Reading

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