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Canada’s Indigenous Communities Take a Hit in 2017 Budget

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron gave an interview to reporters recently where he expressed his disappointment with the cuts that were made in 2017 budget passed by the Liberals, mainly the cuts to the post secondary education, which will impact SIIT. Chief Bobby Cameron is the leader of the Federation of… Keep Reading


Liberal-Backed Bill Comes Back To Haunt Trudeau

The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act that was introduced by the Liberals in 2013 was aimed at the prevention of information gathered by genetic testing for the denying of issues such as employment, health insurance, child custody and a few other legal areas. Under the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, violators of the law… Keep Reading


Three Canadian Citizens Who Were Tortured in Egypt and Syria Get Their Long Due Settlement from the Federal Government

After two federal inquiries and 15 years, three Canadian men get their justice after being tortured in Egypt and Syria by their own country officials. Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Public Safety Minister and Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister announced this last Friday that with an apology and settlement from Canada’s federal government side,… Keep Reading


The Curious Case of Don Meredith

Senator Don Meredith finally spoke out after a long period of silence following revelations of his relationship with a teenager. Meredith’s reputation took a nose dive recently after the Senate Ethics Commissioner Lyse Ricard piled up evidence against Meredith, which suggests that the senator apparently began to pursue a 16… Keep Reading


Justin Trudeau Hangs Out with Ivanka Trump

When Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Washington just over a month ago, the cameras couldn’t get enough of Trudeau and Ivanka Trump sitting on the same table together. It made perfect sense, a liberal multi-lateralist Trudeau, who needed an in with a new nationalist President Trump, and a businesswoman… Keep Reading

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