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Trudeau and Guests See Broadway Play with Taxpayer Money

Justin Trudeau enjoyed a fine night and went to Broadway with representatives from Serbia, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Nations, with free tickets on taxpayer expense. The guest list also included Ivanka Trump, and the Trudeau government labeled the event as being a part of ‘Defending Canada’s Interests’. The… Keep Reading


Find Out Why Canada Needs Big Tax Cuts Right Now

The Canadian government is a mess right now, and Justin Trudeau’s administration is to blame for it. Canadians should brace themselves for tough times ahead, because the economy is the weakest it has been in decades. The only way to salvage the Canadian economy is by introducing big tax cuts,… Keep Reading


WARNING: Trudeau Creates Poverty In Canada

The government has failed completely to protect Canadians, and after assuring everyone that the middle-class in Canada will get more support, no steps have been taken to rectify that. Wage growth is at an all-time low in Canada right now, and it is going to have severe implications for the… Keep Reading

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