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Trudeau gets called a BUM as he arrives in Calgary

The first person Justin Trudeau met after he landed in Calgary was Justin Trudeau, literally. A Syrian family named their child after Justin Trudeau at birth, and they met the Prime Minister first thing when he landed, but others have different views. Via CBC: Two men who camped out on… Keep Reading


Trudeau says to US needs to dump ‘America First’ motto

Canadian PM told just pissed off more than 60 million Americans who voted for the “America First” motto, which makes it extremely embarrassing for me to be a Canadian who supports Trump, shame on our government. Speaking to reporters in Rhode Island after delivering the keynote speech at the National Governors Association… Keep Reading


$35M Lawsuit Filed Against CSIS For Islamophobia, Homophobic

Now that the Omar Khadr settlement is finished, five more people come forward and sue the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for Islamophobia, Racism, and Homophobic remarks. The Canadian Security Intelligence is responsible for collecting, analyzing, reporting and disseminating intelligence on threats to Canada’s national security, and conducting operations, covert and overt, within Canada and abroad.… Keep Reading

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