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Alysum seekers crossing into Canada receive up to $1,419 cash per month 

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Welcome to Canada says prime minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau never disclosed on twitter or publicly how much actual cash alysum seekers receive crossing the American border into Canada.  Why do people cross the border? Because Trudeau welcomed them from President Donald Trump, on twitter, Facebook, and of course on CBC.…

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Guatemala Murder Acquittal is expected to Have Far Reaching Consequences in Canada

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An ex-security guard, who was employed by HudBay Minerals Inc, has been acquitted in Guatemala for murder, and it is a decision that is expected to have far-reaching consequences, particular in Canadian courts. A judge in Guatemala acquitted the security guard for murder, as he was charged with shooting and…

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Change in the Poster of Canadian Centred “Anne of Green Gables” For American Adaptation has Canadians Unhappy

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Netflix has made Canadians unhappy all over the world just because of some changes in the “Anne” series poster. The carrot-topped, freckled faced heroine Anne Shirley has been digitally altered in order to give her a more modern and sophisticated look. What is wrong with you Canadians? Children are dying…

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Canadian Woman Says Being Canadian Is a Curse When You Are Travelling

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Christelle Roques, a 29 year old woman from France had a too close unpleasant encounter with the new immigration policies. Roques was detained at the airport because she had Canadian citizenship, which she did not know about and was travelling without a Canadian passport. Her connect flight from Montreal to…

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