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Legalizing Anal Sex for 16-Year-Old Teens is NOT Canada’s Number One Priority

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Justin Trudeau has said in an interview the Liberal government is looking into legalizing the age of consent for 16-year-old teenagers, when asked if lowering the legal age of consent for anal sex from 18 down to 16, Trudeau promised,  “Yes. That’s something we very much look forward to moving on in…

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Justin Trudeau justifies why Canada spends so little on defence

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings were held in Poland yesterday, Justin Trudeau was on board to discuss Canada’s role, United States President Barack Obama said on Saturday countries need to step up and contribute more, he didn’t name any countries but was talking about Canada. “Everybody has got to step up. Everybody…

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Obama got REAL close with Justin Trudeau and his wife

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When Obama visited Canada last week, Trudeau showed the media they are really close, Obama was seen holding Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s hands, TMZ states the obvious, Trudeau and Obama share intimate moments, joking around, and holding hands. Could we say the pair had a political three-sum? Not really sure if there’s such a thing,…

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