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Would-be Leader, Lisa Raitt Calls for Cheaters to be Expelled from Conservative Party

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The Conservative Party leadership election has once again managed to catch the attention of mainstream media after rife accusations of improper membership sales were made by none other than would be leader Lisa Raitt. In a statement that was released by Ms. Raitt recently, the Canadian politician and frontrunner in…

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Canadian Diplomats in the US Barred from Using Cardboard Cut-outs of PM Trudeau

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau always seems prepared for a selfie, whether it’s at events or while taking a stroll outside, but just months after some Canadian officials in the US started to wheel out a two dimensional cut-out of the Canadian Prime Minister at events, Canadian diplomats have been…

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US Authorities Say Karim Baratov; the Canadian Who Hacked Into Millions of Yahoo! Accounts Poses a High Flight Risk

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Last Tuesday, Karim Baratov was arrested for allegedly hacking millions of Yahoo! accounts, which included some of journalists and officials. According to the US authorities, Karim was hired by Russian Intelligence agents to find out sensitive information. On the other hand, people who know Baratov paint a completely different picture.…

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