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Liberals announce $138 million funding into its immigration programs

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Canada has announced that it is going to invest $138 million into its immigration detention program, while replacing the facilities in Laval and Vancouver altogether. The announcement was made at the Laval immigration holding center where Canada’s Public Minister Ralph Goodale revealed the new objectives. According to reports, the new…

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Worried About the Future of Syrian Refugees? We Already Have an Example

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Radicalization of refugees has always been a concern for any country hosting an immigrant population. However, many dismiss such a possibility outright. Why would someone escaping ISIS, they ask, want to be part of the same organization? Others demand factual evidence regarding the link between refugees and radicalization. Those in…

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Racism? Distrust? Antipathy? What Could Be the Cause of Colten Boushie’s Murder?

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It was a moment’s decision by the Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley that claimed the life of 22-year-old Colten Boushie. Perry Bellegarde—National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations—commented, “In too many ways, this is a sad day for Saskatchewan.” But the cause of the grim mood in the province was…

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Unlike Trump, Justin Trudeau is WRONG about terrorism

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When it comes to combating terrorism, no two people can stand further apart than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trudeau favors inviting more Syrian refugees to settle in Canada despite the increasingly worsening immigrant situation in Europe and America. Trump calls for temporary bans and…

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Trudeau has damaged Canada’s economy so bad, not even rising oil prices help

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With Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley, and Kathleen Wynne in charge of Canada’s economy, the trio have made bad economy decisions over and over, among other things, Canada is hurting and already past the first stage of poverty.  One of the justifications provided by the government for the increasingly poor Canadian…

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