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Canadian Photographer Posts Explicit Images Online

It seems that despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts on offering women freedom of expression and certain rights, people in Canada themselves are not too keen to follow in his footsteps. Well, why would they when PM Trudeau’s promises have fallen short. A man named Ren Bostelaar is apologizing on… Keep Reading


The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Launches Investigation into Canada’s Financial Institutions

In Ottawa, The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is investigating Canada’s financial institutions for their business practices. There have been allegations that some banks are ‘tricking’ or pressuring their customers into buying various products and services. FCAC is an independent agency of the government and is responsible for consumer… Keep Reading


NEW: Liberal Party Fundraising Under Investigation

The Liberals in British Columbia, which is the governing party is under investigation for certain alleged fundraising practices after reports of malpractice surfaced. According to reports, certain lobbyists have been illegally funneling money to the party on a routine basis, on behalf of corporate interests. The deputy chief electoral, Nola… Keep Reading


Thanks to Trudeau, this terrorist is now a Canadian citizen

Justin Trudeau won’t deport convicted terrorists, Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist serving a life sentence and will remain a Canadian citizen even though he plotted to kill many thousands on local Canadian soil thanks to a new bill passed through senate that the Trudeau government pushed. From TS: In the case… Keep Reading


JESUS UNDER ATTACK: Statue of Jesus beheaded at church 

The head from a statue of Jesus  was removed amid a hide rise of leftists propaganda pursued by liberals and left-wing activists.  This was the second time the head was removed from the Indiana church. Fox reports: The pastor at the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship Church in Indianapolis said the… Keep Reading


BREAKING: 45 dead in deadly car bomb by ISIS 

Government officials say 45 have been killed by a deadly car bomb in Baghdad Thursday morning, at least 50 more are wounded, officials also say Isis claimed the deadly attack.  Fox News reports: It was the third blast to hit the Iraqi capital in three days, the BBC reported. The… Keep Reading

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